Towards the post-Brexit relationship

The aftermath of the referendum continues... [Shutterstock]

Article 50 has still not been triggered by the UK government, so EU-exit negotiations have still not begun. The UK is already trying to plan for life after the EU by courting possible trade deals with its G20 partners, which other EU members have frowned upon.

Theresa May replaced David Cameron as UK Prime Minister in July and then set up a new government department, to take responsibility for Brexit, to be headed by veteran Conservative MP and Leave campaigner David Davis. Former Secretary of Defence Liam Fox has been given the job of international trade minister and Boris Johnson is foreign secretary.

EURACTIV’s live coverage of the new UK government beginning to deal with the country’s exit from the EU unfolded like this…

  • 23 June UK votes to leave the European Union;
  • 24 June David Cameron announces intention to resign;
  • 13 July Theresa May officially takes over at Number 10.

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