Most Brits see Brexit as a failure, poll reveals

brexit blue european union EU flag on broken wall and half great britain flag, vote for united kingdom exit concept

Just over half of UK adults say that leaving the EU has been a failure, according to a new opinion poll published on Tuesday (5 October).

The survey by Savanta ComRes revealed that 52% believe that Brexit has delivered little, while 36% believe that Brexit has been a success.

In the five years since the referendum in June 2016, which saw Britons vote to leave the EU by a 52% to 48% margin, public attitudes have remained rigid and in a near 50/50 split should another referendum on membership be held.

However, the findings of the survey, of over 2,000 people, suggests that a significant proportion of Leave and Conservative party supporters are deeply underwhelmed by life outside the EU.

26% of Leave voters and one in third Conservative voters say that exiting the bloc has been a failure.

One in five of the voters for Boris Johnson’s party say that a policy to re-join the EU would improve the Conservative’s chances at the next election.

On Monday, Brexit minister David Frost told delegates at the Conservative party conference that “the long bad dream of our EU membership is over,” adding that “the British Renaissance has begun.”

Life outside the EU is the “beginning of a great voyage for our country”, he added.

That message still resonates among most Conservative party and Leave voters, of whom around three in five say that leaving the EU has been successful.

Supporters for Labour and the Liberal Democrats say by a two to one margin that if the Conservative party backed EU membership it would boost their election chances, rather than worsen them.

However, relations with the EU remain distinctly frosty amid concerns over the implementation of the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement, and the Northern Ireland protocol, which the UK wants to reopen.

Meanwhile, supply chain problems, including a shortage of lorry drivers, thought to be a consequence of Brexit, have resulted in a petrol shortage across the UK that is now into its third week.

Supporters of Labour and the Liberal Democrats are more than three times as likely to say that Brexit has been a failure.

However, no major UK parties currently supports rejoining the EU, and the opposition Labour party has ruled out plans to rejoin the single market.

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