Philip Hammond: The EU has ‘gone off the rails’

Phillip Hammond's pre-Brexit Budget offers hard Brexiteer Tories a stark choice: you can have tax cuts or a hard Brexit. [mrgarethm/Flickr]

Britain’s foreign secretary told the House of Commons on Tuesday (3 March), “There’s a very strong view that all of the member states want Britain to remain in the European Union.”

Yet, the EU has “gone off the rails” the minister opined. “We have to seize this opportunity to shape the European Union in a way that works for Britain.”

Hammond has previously stated he would vote to leave an unreformed EU.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an in/out referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU if he is returned to Downing Street following the general election on 7 May.

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Ed Balls, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, said today (4 March) that leaving the EU would be “a disaster for London.”

“The whole of Britain benefits from London’s growth and dynamism,” Balls stated.

“But for London to continue succeeding as a global city, I believe we need to remain engaged in Europe. London’s professional and financial services, advanced manufacturing and creative industries depend on our access to the European single market.”

Ford’s European chief, Jim Farley said on Tuesday that he “really hopes” the UK remains in to the EU describing membership as “critical for business”.

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