Polls predict election uncertainty as support for EU rises

UK party leaders. [1000 Words / Shutterstock.com]

With just two days to go until the general election, the two major parties are neck and neck in the polls.

In the tightest election for year, it now seems certain no one will win a majority in Thursday’s vote.

Polling companies YouGov and ComRes both have Labour and the Conservatives on 33%.

With a coalition necessary for a working majority in parliament, the parties likely to be the third and fourth largest have been setting out their negotiating position.

The Scottish National Party have said they will not support a Conservative government and are seeking to establish a left-wing voting bloc with the Greens and Welsh nationalists, Plaid Cyrmu.

The Liberal Democrats – currently in coalition with the Conservatives – said today (Tuesday 5 May) that the party who wins the most seats should be given the first opportunity to form a government.

Elections projections predict the Conservatives will have the most seats in the new parliament.

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If they form the next government, the Tories have promised to hold an in/out referendum on EU membership before the end of 2017.

Public support for remaining in the EU is currently higher than ever.

A poll released on Monday by YouGov shows 34% would definitely vote to stay in the EU, compared to 18% who would definitely vote to leave.

A further 18% said they would probably vote to stay in, and 14% said they would probably vote to leave. The remaining 16% are undecided.

The 2015 election looks certain to return the UK's second hung parliament since the Second World War.

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Thursday 7 May 2015: UK General Election

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