Brexit could destroy the UK as we know it

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The implications for the imminent referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union are huge and wide-ranging – they really couldn’t be any greater, writes Sajjad Karim.

Sajjad Karim is a British Conservative MEP in the ECR group.

If there was ever a time for the British electorate to become politically active and have a say in their futures and that of their children, now is the time.

The outcome will affect our country for generations to come.

If we end up with a vote for Brexit, the very existence of the United Kingdom as we know it is in peril.

It wasn’t long ago that the Scottish independence referendum was held. One parameter which the Scottish National Party identified as being able to trigger another vote on independence was if Scottish citizens chose to remain within the EU, but the UK as a whole decided to leave. Latest polling clearly shows a Scottish EU Remain vote.

For any patriotic British citizen, alarm bells should be ringing at the very thought of this. The disintegration of the United Kingdom is something that most people within our country would do anything to avoid.

To vote Leave would do exactly this. It would be playing right in to the hands of Farage and his crew of Brexiteers.

They will stop at nothing to secure their dream of getting Britain out of the EU. Whether that means years of economic uncertainty or putting millions of peoples’ livelihoods at risk.

Even if it precipitates the break-up of the United Kingdom.

Do we really want to live in this reality? A nation as envisaged by Nigel Farage. Divided. Weak.

I know that I don’t.

But the fallout wouldn’t stop there.

Who is to say that the Welsh and Northern Irish would not want to leave the UK next, particularly if their populations voted to Remain in the EU?

Should Brexit lead to Scottish independence, with Wales & Northern Ireland following suit, the UK’s permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council would undoubtedly be under threat.

We hold this permanent seat on the UN Security Council as a United Kingdom. It is hard to imagine a scenario in which the likes of China and Russia (two other permanent seat holders) would allow our seat to be maintained by England alone.

Those who are willing to play Russian roulette with our country ultimately weaken us at home and abroad. George Osborne is clear and right – this is a fight for our Countries soul.

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