DUP leader Foster says latest UK Brexit proposal will not be amended

The leader of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) said on Thursday (3 October) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposal would not be amended and that the Irish government’s negative reaction was making a no-deal EU divorce more likely.

“The proposal won’t be amended,” Arlene Foster told BBC TV, saying Johnson’s plan would get the support of the British parliament.

“I hope that other European Union leaders will prevail upon the Irish government to look at this proposal in a sensible and serious way – to date they haven’t done that.

“We are certainly moving into the territory of no-deal despite the fact that our prime minister has put forward a reasonable deal to the European Union. If that is going to be the reaction, then I’m afraid we’re heading towards no-deal and people will have to bear the responsibility of that.”



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