Brexit: Can a bitter divorce end up in a good trade partnership?

The European Union and the United Kingdom have less than two years to negotiate a satisfactory deal for their divorce.

European and British companies are closely interconnected. A sudden disentanglement, without an agreement, would bring new barriers to trade and prolonged legal uncertainty, hindering business on both side of the Channel.

To mark the first anniversary of the Brexit referendum, EURACTIV organised a high-level forum to discuss what kind of future relationship the EU and the UK might have and how the industrial sector can continue to thrive.

Questions included:
– What are the priorities for the Brexit negotiations? Will industry’s concerns be correctly taken into consideration?
– Which legal and trade uncertainties are to be expected over the two coming years?
– How will the Single Market be affected by Brexit?
– What will happen if no agreement is reached? How can new barriers to the movement of workers and goods be avoided?
– How does Brexit affect industry value chains across Europe? –
How can European and British industries minimise possible difficulties?

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