British eurosceptic MEPs warn of ‘no business as usual’ in the EU Parliament

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British eurosceptic MEPs warned on Wednesday that a stronger representation of anti-EU forces in the European Parliament do not want a return to “business as usual”.

But despite a stronger eurosceptic representation in the Chamber, there still are not enough anti-EU MEPs to block EU legislation; pro-integration parties remain a clear majority.

“What you’re going to have to get used to all of you, is the idea that across the political spectrum there are now more eurosceptics in this Parliament than there have ever been.” said UK’s EFDD MEP Nigle Farage.

During the Chamber’s first debate of the 8th legislature, EU politicians debated the outcome of last week’s summit, where former Luxembourg Prime Minister jean-Claude Juncker was nominated as European Commission President despite UK opposition.

British MEPs criticised the move, accusing the Parliament of a “lack of democracy”.

“At the next session of the Parliament will Mr Juncker’s name be the only name put forward for the Parliament to vote on, and if Mr Juncker’s name is the only name put forward for the Parliament to vote on, as has always happened in past precedents, how can this possibly be a victory for democracy?” said UK’s EFDD MEP William Dartmouth.

On Tuesday’s opening session, Nigel Farage’s Eurosceptic group deliberately turned their backs during the EU’s anthem.


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