UK farmers link Brexit vote and glyphosate spoke to young British farmers at the 2016 Lincolnshire Show, just before the EU referendum on 23 June. Most showed strong interest for Brexit and linked their rejection of the EU to glyphosate.

“The policymakers in Europe, with respect, they’re making policy for European farming, while British agriculture is so much more diverse and different,” said Ben Wray, a family farmer in Lincolnshire.

“At the minute, they’re on about whether they’re going to ban glyphosate or not. Well, the French and German MEPs won’t vote for it, while everyone else, including Great Britain, want to back it.”

“Big countries like France and Germany, which are very agriculture-dominated, are a good voice within the EU, whereas in Lincolnshire, the population representing agriculture is only about 2 or 3 percent. It’s so small, that we sometimes get forgotten”, said Jack Richardson, an arable farmer in Lincolnshire.

“Having said that,” he added, “we’ve got the recent debate about glyphosate, which is obviously a topic for us. That doesn’t seem to be going particularly well, so with the possibility of leaving, maybe we could get a bit of control on that. That would be a good thing.”

EU muddling on glyphosate fuelled Brexit populism

Calls for the European Union to dramatically change its decision making and get closer to citizen’s daily concerns have piled up in the wake of Britain’s shock decision to leave the EU.

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