Cameron defeated as EU nominates Juncker Commission President

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“I can announce you the European Council has just adopted a decision to propose Mr Jean-Claude Juncker to the European parliament as Commission President”.

“Today was a bad day for Europe”

He faced fierce opposition from British Prime Minister David Cameron, but in the end, former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker was nominated as the next European Commission President.

Cameron failed to secure support from other member states to block Juncker’s nomination, despite forcing an unprecedented vote in the European Council. Only Hungarian Viktor Orban was on Cameron’s side.

Juncker was the spitzencandidat put forward by the center-right EPP, after winning the most votes in May’s EU elections.

In Britain, Juncker is perceived as an old-federalist who will obstruct the reforms that London wants in order to remain in the Union.

On the continent, he was initially disliked by Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy but managed to win their support while securing Angela Merkel’s backing.

Juncker’s nomination now needs to be approved by the European Parliament during its mid-July plenary session.

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