Pro-EU parties block eurosceptics from top jobs in EU Parliament

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Pro-European forces in the EU Parliament blocked eurosceptic Italian MEP Eleanora Evi from becoming the chairman of the Petitions committee in the Chamber.

As Parliament committees elected their chairs and vice-chairs on Monday, it appeared that center-right EPP, center-left S&D and liberal ALDE teamed up to prevent the post going to Evi.

A member of the anti-EU Five Star Movement in Italy and Farage’s Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament, Evi denounced the move calling it “anti-democratic and immoral”.

“Regarding the vote today, I want to denounce, in front of all of you, the fact that the D’ hondt method, that ensures the representation of minority groups that have been legitimately elected by millions of citizens as the five star movement, has not been respected.” Italian EFDD MEP Eleonora Evi said.

The appointment of committee chairs in the European Parliament follows the D’Hondt system, a method under which seats are allocated depending on the size of the political group.

After a secret ballot, MEPs elected 23 votes to 8 Swedish Liberal Cecilia Wikström as the Committee chairman.

“We can create an atmosphere of mutual trust aiming at building bridges to citizens in all our 28 member states. Because this is needed. So let’s keep on working for the good purposes that this Committee is aimed to serve.” said newly elected President of PETI Committee Swedish Liberal MEP Cecilia Wikstrom.

The committee on Petitions answers to demands from EU citizens across member states.





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