Tweets of the Week: Brexit, kebab, and diversity

Welcome to Tweets of the Week. Brexit talks are looking drab, MEPs love a kebab, and EU diversity needs big rehab.

This week beleaguered British PM Theresa May is back in Brussels for the EU summit just hours after an embarrassing parliamentary defeat at home.

However former MEP Andrew Duff, doubts it will make much difference to her credibility. “The EU have always known that (1) she is weak; (2) anyone else would be worse; and (3) emasculated Westminster will support the Article 50 treaty in the end.”

And after her chief negotiator David Davis claimed the Phase One deal was not binding, Ed Morrish said Theresa May has quietly gone to the front desk with the credit card while he argues with the waiters about why he shouldn’t pay for the starters.

European Parliament’s lead Brexit mouthpiece, Guy Verhofstadt said the UK government must restore trust after Davis’ unacceptable remarks. EP amendments will now insist the agreement translated into legal text ASAP.

Tom Phillips claimed: “They’ve literally added an amendment to the agreement telling David Davis to shut up”

Tim Ross added that Verhofstadt was putting the “troll” into “control”.

Finally, as the whole three-ring circus rumbles on, European Council President Tusk warns EU unity will be tested like never before in the second phase of Brexit talks.

Moving on to more important matters – kebabs!

This week the European Parliament considered whether to ban phosphate additives in kebabs… and, predictably, Twitter and the Tabloids went into meltdown.

“Hands off the kebab!” said MEP Renate Sommer adding that the EPP Group is doing everything in its power to avoid a European Kebab ban.

Shhrab Ahmari joked “The EU deserves to be broken apart just for this”

Well, we think he’s joking.

So does the EU really want to ban kebabs? Not at all said BEUC, it just wants phosphate-free kebabs.

Some journalists got entirely carried away with the story’s un potential – looking at you Harry Cooper.

Shish! The state of EU journalism

In the end MEPs voted not to ban the controversial ingredient after all

The Mail hailed it as a “Victory for Kebabs”

While the Telegraph reported that “British kebabs survive socialist plot and narrowly avoid EU death sentence.”

Dear God!

Finally, it’s a Strasbourg week for MEPs. As well as debating Brexit and tasty late-night takeaway food, the European Parliament’s final plenary day of the year focussed on human and social rights at home and around the world.

MEPs said that EU countries must step up in the fight against sexual abuse of children.

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt thanked members for their overwhelming support for her report.

MEPs also called for release of Vietnamese blogger Nguyen Van Hoa, the reinstatement of Cambodian opposition lawmakers, & decriminalisation of miscarriage and abortion in El Salvador.

The Parliament also urged Myanmar to stop persecuting Rohingya.

Closer to home, some tackled the issue of diversity in EU institutions.
“I understand the Christian roots of Europe, but Manfred Weber shouldn’t confuse Europe with Christendom. It’s clear from the lack of diversity that there is a long way to go” said Syed Kamall

And the S&D group said there should be no more hanging around, it was time to deliver on a pillar of Social Rights

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