Tweets of the Week: Brexit negotiations, rule of law, and Belgian fries

Brexit talks are underway, rule of law goes astray, but Belgian fries are here to stay.

Serious Brexit talks got under way this week, but unfortunately David Davis bowed out after only half a day, as illustrated by Berlaymonster.


So reaching sufficient progress by October looks even more unrealistic.

Susanne Morgan asked how can Brexit be a success without political leadership and a country divided 52 – 48?

But the big question is, where are the UK’s notes?

Michiel van Hulten said perhaps they didn’t bring any, to avoid them being photographed by paparazzi.

Seamus Conboy was more inventive; “Of course Davis didn’t come to the negotiations without any notes. That would be ridiculous.”

Matt Zarb-Cousin‏ thought he was more David Brent than David Davis.

And The Times cartoon summed up the atmosphere.

Elsewhere, democracy and rule of law are under threat in Turkey and Poland.

The jailing of activists is a crushing blow for rights in Turkey said Amnesty International.

The Committee to Protect Journalists described Turkey as the world’s largest prison for journalists.

And Germany said Turkey’s detention of rights activists could threaten EU aid.

Meanwhile, in Poland, Commissioner Vera Jourova said there is a systemic threat to the Rule Of Law.

And Frans Timmermans said that given the latest developments, we are getting very close to triggering Article 7.

As Alex Alaphilippe pointed out when a government starts hunting journalists, you know you’re on the wrong path.

Finally it’s Belgium National Day and the breakthrough news is that the EU has saved Belgian fries.

It’s official La frite c’est chic! Belgian Fries are and intangible cultural heritage of Belgium

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