Tweets of the Week: Brexit talks, the Queen’s hat, Gabriel’s hearing, and Gare Centrale

I’m back for more amusing and enlightening Tweets of the Week. Did you miss me? We’re featuring, you guessed it, Brexit talks. Also the Queen’s hat, I mean speech, the new Commissioner designate’s hearing, and the Gare Centrale attack.

The start of Brexit talks this week was nicely summed up with this cartoon from The Telegraph. Whenever you’re ready Mr. Davis.

James Kanter reported Michel Barnier saying the UK “has decided to leave the European Union, not the other way round”.

Ragnar Weilandt gave us the stat du jour. Brits applying for German citizenship is up 361%. EU nurses applying to work in the UK is down 96%.

And Jonathan Gaventa pointed out the symbolism in the exchange of gifts. Some laugh about the walking stick, he said, but those in search of metaphor should read Davis’s gift to Barnier, Herzog’s Annapurna, a tale of folly and bloodymindedness.

Across the channel, the Queen’s Speech will probably be better remembered for what she had on her head than what she read out. People leapt to Twitter to point out that the hat looks remarkably like… the EU flag.

Back in Brussels the new Bulgarian Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel, was not so much grilled by MEPs as lightly simmered.

Pirate MEP Julia Reda’s main takeaway? Gabriel has learned the topics quickly, but is giving little indication of what she really thinks.

Laura Kayali also remarked on the new Commissioner’s evasive answer‏ on encryption, saying “She does not give straight answers. Yep, she’s ready to be a commissioner!”

Mattias Bjärnemalm‏ focussed on her few clear answers: There will be no end to audiovisual geoblocking in Europe.

On Tuesday (20 June), a wannabe terrorist set himself on fire and was then shot dead by soldiers at Brussels Gare Centrale.

Márton Hajdu said I always thought soldiers were on streets just for security theatre…

Others were just happy to keep calm and carry on. “Everything is under control. Police is working on a master plan.”

This week we are supported by Statoil. You can watch Statoil Chief Economist Eirik Wærness as our very own James Crisp grills him on their outlook for climate and energy in 2050.

And join me again next Friday for your weekly round up of the Brussels Bubble’s very own House of Cards.

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