Tweets of the Week: Bulgarian Presidency, UK cabinet reshuffle, and the Brexit hamper

Happy New Year and welcome back to Tweets of the Week! This week Bulgarian Presidency wants to show its muscle, Theresa May has a cabinet reshuffle, and Barnier in hamper kerfuffle.

Bulgaria took over the EU presidency on the first of January and this week the logo was unveiled on the sides of EU institutions.

And European Commissioners jetted off on a school trip to meet the new Presidency.

Jani Järäinen‏ said the country has a lot to deliver during the next six months with many vital pieces of legislation in trilogue.

And of course Bulgarian politicians and officials will have to challenge stereotypes about Bulgaria and learn to strike coalitions in the EU.

That may not have got off to a great start as the promotional “You can’t help falling in love with her at first sight!” video has raised a few eyebrows!

Ian Wishart said that saying a “no might mean a yes” was quite something!

And many described the clip as “tone deaf”. Karima Delli said that after the #metoo campaign, no never means yes!

Costanza de Toma, however, added that it certainly does make you want to visit!

Across the channel British PM Theresa May held a much anticipated cabinet reshuffle.

Nicholas Whithorn‏ said there was no point in a reshuffle when every card in the pack is a Joker.

Social media was aswash with speculation that she might appoint a ‘Cabinet minister for no deal Brexit’

Leading Berlaymonster to comment that Jeremy Hunt will be minister for No Hospitals, and Philip Hammond Chancellor of No Money.

But in the end it was just more of the same. Despite aims to make the government look ‘more like the country it serves’, George Aylett pointed out that the new cabinet is 96% white, 74% male, 60% went to Oxbridge and the average age is 50.

And finally, who on Earth told MEP Stephen Woolfe that it would be a good idea to give a hamper to Michel Barnier?

Apparently these “proud patriots” believe the hamper of wine, cheese, and condiments will illustrate the power of British brands and our strong negotiating hand in trade deals.

Jonathan Coe said books will be written about that hamper, and the utterly bizarre view it represents of Britain’s relationship with the rest of the world.

Paul McNamara was horrified. Tweeting “MARMITE? THEY GAVE BARNIER MARMITE? omg, i thought this couldn’t get any worse.”

Well much like Brexit, Marmite does split the UK between those who hate it and those who love it!

Jack said the hamper looked like something you’d win in a raffle at the end of a school play in Great Yarmouth.

But Stefaan De Rynck‏ Barnier’s advisor said he liked it a lot in particular the Dorset cheese with the EU protected origin, marmelade with the EU organic logo;

And Chris Kendall was also pleased thanking the British government and assorted Leavers for some proper laughs!

That’s it for this week’s Tweets of the Week. Join me again next week for more of the same. And send in your suggestions for the good, the bad, and ugly happens in the Brussels bubble Twittersphere, using the hashtag #EUtweets.



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