Tweets of the Week: Egg crisis, Brexit talks, and Trump’s mensis horribilis

Welcome back and happy rentrée. If, like me, you avoided social media for the summer, here’s Tweets of the Week’s lightning recap of what you missed.

While MEPs headed for sunnier climes, the European Commission kept its doors open for business — leaving this Commissioner in charge for a time.

As Berlaymonster and others pointed out, for one week only, a British King was in charge of Europe.

The other Egg-citing news (SORRY!) was the tainted egg crisis with Fipronil, an insecticide, found in products in several European countries.

Former MEP, Michiel van Hulten, reported that the EU to hold egg crisis summit. Now… if only Brussels had a good location to hold such an event….

However, in the UK, they were more concerned about bongs than breakfast as Big Ben prepared to fall silent for renovations.

“Wait, the British think they can organise the whole of Brexit in 18 months when it takes them 4 years just to fix a clock?” tweeted parody account Queen Europe.

Berlaymonster reckoned if the EU could find a way to keep Big Ben ringing during renovations, then Brexit would definitely be off!

And of course Brexit negotiations ruined what would otherwise have been a blissfully quiet summer in Eurotwitter!

Michel Barnier greeted the British negotiation team saying: “To be honest, I’m concerned…”

Tom Nuttall quoted the EU chief negotiator: “I’m meticulously following the negotiating guidelines. For UK, that’s precisely the problem.”

And Ferdinando Giugliano said he was beginning to wonder whether Barnier and Davis are actually attending the same talks.

And last but not least it was yet another mensis horribilis for Donald Trump: He insulted the White House, calling it a dump, threatened to kick trans people out of the military, upset North Korea, refused to condemn fascists, and played golf… a lot of golf.

Leading to this Tweet: “Dear Lord, Is it time to impeach? Give us a sign. Blot out the sun.”

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