Tweets of the Week: German elections, Hungary’s fence, and the royal baby

Welcome to EU Tweets of the Week. Germany has a debate, the ECJ seals Hungary’s fate and it’s baby three for William and Kate.

In the German election, Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz face off in their only TV debate ahead of the election.

But online it was business as usual. “Twitter, you know how this goes: Your captions please,” tweeted Deutsche Welle.

Kristin Zeier‏ said  the topics missing from the debate included digital transformation, education, climate change, and Russia.

While Jon Worth pointed out that there was not a single mention of Brexit! Not one. In 95 minutes of debate. That’s how important you are in the election, UK.

And American EU Dude just found the whole TVDuell rather dull, indeed.

Hungary took a page from Donald Trump and demanded the EU pay for its border fence. “Make Hungary Great Again!” said Valerie Zombek.

But Juncker was not buying it, and slammed door Orbán’s request for extra EU cash. “Solidarity is not a blank cheque,” he said.

Meanwhile the ECJ dismissed Slovakia’s and Hungary’s challenge to the Council’s migrant relocation decision.

Kenneth Roth from Human Rights Watch said Brexit threatens the EU with only the loss of a member. Hungary and Poland threaten it with the loss of its values.

And finally, royal baby news swept Britain.

It’s quite nice when the BBC push notification ISN’T telling you about impending nuclear war, said Francine Carrel.

She wasn’t the only one to welcome some light relief. “Royal babies and the glowing promise each day of nuclear obliteration. It’s like I’m right back in the 80s” said Kate B.

Peter Stefanovic, however, thought PM Theresa May should have more important matters on her mind “May offers gushing support to Royal baby.. but not the McDonald’s strike.”

Eoghan McDermott‏ wondered if Prince William was planning ahead for the World Cup?

Thomas Jones spotted a similarity between Prince William and Homer Simpson

And of course the baby name debate was in full flow. Here’s our winner: “If they don’t call the child Baby McBabyface I’m never voting for the royal family ever again.”

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