Tweets of the Week: German politics, EU agencies, and Barnier on Brexit

Merkel’s got a lot to prove, EU agencies are on the move, and Barnier thinks Brexit won’t be smooth.

This week social media was awash with opposing opinions as Angela Merkel struggled to form a government.

Germany’s Social Democrats were split on whether to consider another coalition.

Although Deutsche Welle reported that her coalition crisis was greatly exaggerated.

But that didn’t stop “Brexit-Brits making nasty jokes” according to Bild… “as if they didn’t have enough problems of their own.”

BBC presenter Andrew Neil was in the front line. “Germany tonight in its biggest political crisis since late 1940s,” he said. “Bigger even than UK’s current ongoing political crisis.”


Jon Worth took issue with that, saying Mr Neil hasn’t got a clue. And it’s not that big a deal.

And that’s when things got heated…

Resulting in what Jon later called with bravura understatement “a little Twitter spat”.

And Tom Moylan pointed out that Wednesday was the anniversary of Angela Merkel’s first assuming the office of Chancellor of Germany….

She has been around for a while… but surely not THAT long?

Elsewhere, despite what David Davis said in April 2017, Europe’s Medicines Agency and Banking Authority were leaving London for pastures new.

And that’s where things get tricky! Everyone wanted them.

Danish Foreign minister Anders Samuelsen claimed “Sweden had betrayed the Nordic cooperation by voting for Milan,” after Copenhagen was voted out.

To which Ryan Heath replied “It’s not Eurovision dude, get a grip”.

But even after voting, this is how the EU finally decided on where to house the European Medicines Agency. Picking a name out of a bowl.


As Jim Brunsden reported Amsterdam was the winner, beating Milan in the drawing of lots!


David Garrahy said the big shock was that Frankfurt was knocked out of the running to host the Banking Authority.  


That race too came down to a tiebreak. With the EBA eventually going to Paris after  Dublin lost by the toss of a coin. Irish MEP Brian Hayes was gutted.

Danny Kemp said the big boys get it all, while Eastern Europe and smaller states get nothing. Welcome to the EU.

Finally a speech by Michel Barnier at the Centre for European Reform garnered a lot of attention in the Brussels Bubble.

Barnier kicked off with a slide made by the UK government five years ago, showing only EU can remain at the top table for global influence.

Dave Keating  described the move as “Brutal”.

Lucy Thomas said Barnier delivered a very clear message: “The integrity of the single market is non negotiable. No cherry picking, no access to agencies without paying in, financial services will not have passport.”

Charles Paladino thought “the only odd thing is that Barnier ‘s speech sent shockwaves through London, when it was a given from the word go back in 2016. Perhaps the UK press could do with a bit less navel gazing?” He suggests.


James Crisp also had some quick thoughts on Barnier’s speech… and a LOT of metaphors “He began with the stick and ended with the carrot of an ambitious free trade deal (but the carrot has strings.)” then there was something about a hammer… 

But the award for tortured rhetoric this week goes to Peter Mandelson who told the conference “Brexit could even destroy Brexit.”

This week we’re promoting the Ogilvy and Euractiv’s event on the role of social media in EU bubble advocacy. Come along to “Social is the New Black” next Wednesday or find out more online.

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