Tweets of the Week: Google fine, DUP deal, and equality in Germany

Welcome to EU Tweets. This week it’s Google in a pickle, Theresa May looking fickle and opposition to gay marriage in Germany slowing to a trickle.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager slapped Google with a record-breaking €2.4 billion fine for promoting its own comparison shopping service and abusing search dominance.

But who gets the cash? The Commission said it’s good news for taxpayers as it goes straight into the EU coffers.

Google released what it calls the other side of the story.

But most people seemed pleased with the decision. “ I want to be connected to whoever suits me most, not whoever pays your advert fees,” said Jamie Ogle.

Lucrecia Aldao, for her part, thinks the Commission should be be taken to court for fiddling with our right to choose.

Finally Simon Rankin had some advice for Google saying: You could always ask the DUP for a loan if you’re short!

Yes indeed, we’re back to Brexit and the British government fallout again.

In ongoing efforts to cling to power, Theresa May appears to have done a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party, prompting much anger on Twitter.

Harry Leslie Smith‏ summed it up: when you need to bribe the DUP to stay in power that’s not strong stable, but craven & desperate.  

May also revealed her plans for EU citizens in the UK post Brexit. All 3 million of them living in UK must apply for special ID card.

UK’s top Brexit negotiator David Davis said  he is “pretty sure but not certain” he can get a deal.

Finally this week, same-sex marriage in Germany looks set to be a reality.

Two thirds of the German population support it and only the “Conservatives” want to block it.

Former European Parliament chief, Martin Schulz, said We will push through marriage equality in Germany. This week.

Elsewhere, recently re-elected PM Joseph Muscat has introduced a bill on marriage equality in Malta,

Back in Brussels, ILGA’s annual Equality Gala took place. Check out the hashtag for fabulous photos of people having fun, indulging in some eccentric dancing and posing for photos with with Cecilia Malmstrom, Elżbieta Bieńkowska and even Gunther H. Oettinger.

As Anna Shepard showed, it wasn’t so much a red carpet affair as a rainbow one.

This week we are supported by Statoil. Check out the cool photos of their floating Hywind park at Masdar. Next stop Scotland…

And that’s a wrap for another week. Join me again next week for the goodest, baddest and craziest goings on in the Brussels Bubble, using the hashtag, #EUTweets.

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