Tweets of the Week: May speaks, Vestager takes on Amazon, and the EP debates Catalonia

Welcome to Tweets of the Week. Theresa May yet again looks a fool, Vestager says tax dodging ’s not cool and MEPs talk Catalonia self-rule.

Mayday! Mayday! As if you didn’t get enough last week, Theresa May blundered her way through yet another speech – this time leading to widespread ridicule using the hashtag #MaysSpeechInFiveWords.

Thomas Hemingford described it as Lies, more lies, and P45s.

Shaun Lawson thought it proof that “God is not a Conservative”.

As May was upstaged by a P45 prankster.

Suffered an unfortunate coughing fit.

And a message that literally fell apart.

Faring far better on the international stage, Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager got tough on Apple, Amazon, and their sweetheart tax deals with Luxembourg and Ireland.

Amazon tax benefits in Luxembourg are illegal under EU state aid rules she said.

Amazon now has to repay benefits worth around €250 million.

Vestager is also sending Ireland to court for failing to recover illegal state aid from Apple. “I know it may be difficult,” she said, but Ireland has had more than a year.

French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the first to applaud the popular decision.

While Commission President Juncker’s role as Luxembourg PM when the Amazon deal was done did not go unnoticed, leading Andy Carling to conclude: basically Juncker’s guilty, right?

Martini Seltzermayr reckoned that with postage and packing, the fine comes to €278 million.

“Siri, find laywers” suggested Berlaymonster.

And wondered where might 136 billion-dollar-revenue company Amazon find 250 million euros?

And finally this week we are supported by the European Parliament, so let’s take a look at what’s been happening in Strasbourg.

MEPs there were also looking at tax avoidance, and called for a wholesale overhaul. The S&D group tweeted this image and said they were ready to fight for a common EU corporate tax.

Julie Ward said it was good to see the Commission taking action against fraud.

The fallout from the Catalonia independence referendum also dominated the session. Danny Kemp showed the Catalonia flag being held up in EU parliament by… Flemish nationalists.

Quentin Aries reported that Catalan liberals are not happy with the Guy Verhofstadt – arguing he is siding too much with the Conservative Spanish government.

Viviane Reding said that violence has no place in Spain & Europe and the only solution is to restore dialogue.

While the Parliament as a whole called for “calm and profound deliberation”

While in the JURI committee, new rules to protect whistleblowers and journalists got the thumbs up.

Julia Reda and Pascal Durand looked especially happy about it.

And Max Andersson was also pleased saying that daring to expose wrongdoing on the job should not be penalised.

Join me again next week for another action packed Tweets of the Week, and keep sending in your suggestions using the hashtag #EUTweets.

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