Tweets of the Week: Meaningful vote, Adamowicz, and the eurozone turns 20

This week, Theresa May thrashed by her peers,
mayor’s murder brings Gdansk to tears
and the Euro celebrates 20 years.

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On Tuesday Theresa May suffered a humiliating reject of her Brexit deal by MPs in the so-called Meaningful Vote in the House of Commons.

Danny Kemp feels that two years reporting on all those crucial Brussels negotiations may have been wasted time.

Jon Worth can’t get his head around it asking how CAN she carry on?

Well Jon, watch this space… because she survived the vote of no confidence on Wednesday.

Yeah, makes no sense to me either!

“We still have time to negotiate,” said Angela Merkel, continuing her campaign to be named Most Unflappable Person in Europe for the 11th year in a row reported Damon Wake.

But with a no deal looming ever larger, many people’s thoughts have turned to… food.

James Felton doesn’t want to alarm anyone, but the people responsible for getting us food if there’s no deal are already guarding donuts with a machine gun.

Judith Evans at the FT says A sad but entertaining sideshow of the Brexit debacle is watching the various business groups try to come up with new language as to how utterly furious they are. A prize to the first one that gives in and just starts swearing in their press releases.

And in response to the Greens in the European Parliament saying the time for games is over, spoof account Martini Seltzermayr asked what game they’ve been playing because it sure as f*** isn’t Diplomacy.


In other sad news, Pawel Adamowicz, mayor of Gdansk died after he was stabbed on stage at a charity concert in front of thousands of people on Sunday

Many people took to Twitter to mourn his passing.

Michael Schneider, President of EPP in the Committee of the Regions said he was a true defender of EU values and democracy.

Council President Donald Tusk described Adamowicz as a man of solidarity and freedom, a European, and a friend.

Finally, this week the euro celebrated its 20th birthday!

Committee of the Regions President Karl-Heinz Lambertz‏ said it was a symbol of unity, cooperation, stability and strength.

But more importantly it’s nice not to have four currencies in your pocket.

Gareth Harding was less convinced: Since the euro, EU has been ripped apart by divisions, voters have revolted against loss of sovereignty and Europe has had worst economic crisis in its history. Some unity!

Martini Seltzermayr‏ was more prosaic: CURRENCIES. DO. NOT. CELEBRATE. BIRTHDAYS. he said.

Tell that to the MEPs blowing their own trumpets and belting out the Ode to Joy.

Yeah, the euro is definitely not a cult said the FT’s Mehreen Khan.

Definitely not. Probably not. Maybe.

And in further evidence of currency celebration, Oliver Moody The Times Berlin correspondent shared this image of a new memorial coin celebrating 70 years of currywurst.

Thanks for that Oliver! Now that image is seared on my brain.

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