Tweets of the Week: Roaming, Parliament plenary, and Erasmus

Welcome to Tweets of the Week. I’m not here. Well, I am here, but I’m not here – I’m in Malta. So fortunately, we have a guest presenter this week, Roland.

Thanks Jen. It’s an honor to guest host Tweets of the Week. This week we’re looking at the end of roaming, the European Parliament plenary, and Erasmus turning 30.

So it’s goodbye roaming! The EU has finally achieved something concrete. And they haven’t been shy telling us all about it.

But is it really goodbye? Not all data is covered. And it remains to be seen if mobile operators will increase their domestic rates to compensate for the additional roaming.

So it might not be “roam like at home” but at least it “roam a bit like at home”.

Moving on to the European Parliament, where Trump’s pullout from the Paris Agreement was the topic of the week.

Many MEPs were quick to criticise the move.

But Bas Eikhout told everyone to take a long hard look in the mirror, as Europe itself isn’t yet on track to deliver on the Paris Agreement.

MEPs also voted to ban pesticides in “ecological focus areas”.

And they removed the parliamentary immunity of Le Pen and another Front National MEP in response to a French racism investigation.

And finally, moving on to a more joyful topic, the EU’s Erasmus programme turned 30 this week.

Many people on Twitter celebrated the occasion. Surely including the over 1,000,000 Erasmus babies that are a direct result of the programme.

Now, if you’re British and a bit jealous of all the celebration, there’s good news.

Guy Verhofstad’s birthday wish for Erasmus is that UK students can continue to participate in the future, despite Brexit.

So that’s it for me. Back to you, Jen. Thanks Roland for filling in.

This week we are supported by Statoil. You can check out Anders’s tweet about the future of the world’s energy needs in 2050 at @StatoilEU.

I’m back next week for more of the same, but if you just can’t get enough, you could check out the second best thing. That’s Roland’s Week in 60 seconds on YouTube.

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