Tweets of the Week: The Estonian Presidency, the new CoR president, and Brexit whistling

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This time, the Estonian Presidency starts strong; from the regions, Markku moves along; and Barnier’s not whistling that song!

Estonia took over the EU Council presidency… six months early thanks to Brexit:
Apparently trying to take EU policies beyond A4 format and making them paperless.

But a big shout out to Lembit Uibo from the Estonian perm rep who attempted to explain the priorities of the presidency in 140 characters, clearly a man who cares about tweets of the week!

Eurostat made this neat little video explaining everything you ever needed to know about Estonians:

Usually congratulations are doled out at the end of the presidency, but already the Finish Perm Rep was patting Estonia on the back for reaching an agreement in the Council on the 2018 EU Budget.

But Czech MEP Petr Jezek reminded everyone that presidencies come and go, but the European Parliament team remains

Speaking of presidencies, the Committee of the Regions plenary elected their new leader: Senator of the German-speaking community of Belgium, Karl-Heinz Lambertz

Outgoing president Markku Markkula tweeted his congratulations saying: you can count on me as our tandem continues

Katie Owens made a valiant attempt to get #ThankYouMarkku trending

Markku has been a passionate voice articulating need for cities and regions to be at the heart of EU in this pivotal time, said Gary Paterson

And Dominik Krakowiak said the two and a half years had passed quickly

And, Michel Barnier wins the comeback of the week responding to Boris Johnson’s suggestion that he can “go whistle” for a Brexit divorce bill

He replied: “I’m not hearing any whistling just the clock ticking”

Paula Watt reckoned he could hear the sound of the whole country face palming at what Boris Johnson says.

“I can hear a lot of wind, but no whistling.” added Berlaymonster

Before taking bets on which British journalist will be the first to ask Mr Barnier whether he can, in fact, whistle.

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