Tweets of the Week: UK divorce bill, Glyphosate, and the royal wedding

The UK divorce bill makes Brexiteers wince, Glyphosate renewal fails to convince, and actress Meghan Markle gets to marry a Prince.

The big news this week is that the Brexit divorce bill looks about to be settled. According to reports the UK offered a £45 billion settlement.

Labour MP Chris Leslie was not impressed: “A bill of £1000 from every single person in UK for what?! To put the world’s most efficient, tariff-free, frictionless free trade agreement in the bin!

The BBC’s Nick Robinson wondered why everyone was so slow on the uptake: ministers were told months ago that the Brexit divorce bill  would be 40 – 60 billion Euros.


Boris Johnson said he hoped the offer would guarantee “sufficient progress”


Berlaymonster thought the whole thing was comical.

And in a similar vein Techically Ron imagined David Davis’ apple buying skillz would be somewhat lacking.

But before everyone gets too excited,the European Commission said ‘Negotiations are ongoing. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’.

Meanwhile Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan thought he had solved the Northern Ireland issue in a tweet that seriously backfired he said: The way to avoid a border in Ireland is to have an overall UK-EU trade deal based on mutual recognition of standards.

To which Merkel parody account Queen Europe replied: Congratulations to Herr Hannan for inventing the European Single Market!

Former Finnish PM Alexander Stubb agreed: For goodness sake Dan, it is called the Internal Market! You have been a part of it since 1973!


Guy Verhofstadt said it was “mind-boggling” that  British Conservatives who designed and helped create the single market wanted to walk away, and now want to walk back in.

Vote Goat said: Weird he wants to swap the status quo for the status quo.


Monday was decision day for Glyphosate as the Council voted to extend the license for the controversial herbicide for five years despite the European Parliament’s view and a ‘Stop Glyphosate’ petition signed by more than 1.3 million Europeans

Farmers weekly said it was a A victory for science over politics.

But MEP Jose Bove said it was business’s victory over science. Calling it a “scandal” he added that the “precautionary principle” had been trampled on.

Fellow MEP Molly Scott Cato thought it was “disastrous decision”


But in the end no one was really happy because Monsanto had wanted a 15 year extension and had to settle for five.

The biggest controversy was over Germany, after Farm Minister Christian Schmidt voted in favour of the license despite having no political mandate to do so!

And a petition was launched to get him sacked:


Politico’s Florian Eder explained, “This is really all about German, not European, politics.”

And finally, Twitter went wild as Clarence House announced the engagement of Prince Harry to actress Meghan Markle.

Martini Seltzermayr: Guess the strategic marriage to Juncker’s daughter is off the table.

Lewis Crofts reported that there was no comment yet from Donald Trump who probably thinks he was phoned by Prince Harry first but turned down the proposal.

Berlaymonster saw hope in the announcement for ginger-haired monsters everywhere.


Many Tweeters pointed out the wastefulness of a lavish, expensive wedding,

And Harry Leslie Smith said that when it comes to the Royal wedding UK media is no better than North Korea’s reporting on KimJongU.


You might have a point there Harry…

Desus and Mero reckon it should have been reported as Actress Meghan Markle to marry a redhead from the UK.

And Mo Gilligan was just annoyed he wouldn’t be getting a day off as it was announced there would be no bank holiday.

Most people just thought it would be a bit of a laugh.

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