Tweets of the Week: UK election, Development Days, and EU defence

Good morning to all of you who had a sleepless night watching the UK General Election! As well as #GE2017, this week we also kept an eye on European Development Days and the future of European defence.

As Brits went to the polls, David Cameron remembered how nerve-wracking election days can be.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan took time out of his busy schedule of baiting Donald Trump to urge Londoners out to vote.

And the Have I Got News For You team observed that, “All parties say getting young people to polling stations is vital, but admit teaching them what a pencil is might be tricky.”

Some people however were “super” enthusiastic.

The big issues were Brexit and the future of the NHS.

But it wouldn’t be Twitter without at least one comedy hashtag. This time, #dogsatpollingstations.

Although at least one Tweeter insisted that in the interests of balance, it should be a cat.

Here in Brussels the usual suspects made their thoughts known.

Including some non-British MEPs out supporting Corbyn

Finally in the small hours of the morning some people were very happy and some really, really weren’t.

But the winner of the best prediction? Berlaymonster: Light rain, with sunny spells, later.

Elsewhere, #EDD17 was the hashtag du jour as the annual European Development Days took place. Much emphasis was placed on the Role of Women and Climate Change.

The Future of Europe’s defence was also on the agenda as the Commission set out its proposal.

Miguel Gil Terte from Commissioner Katainen’s cabinet called it a “game changer”.

Katainen himself said the European Defence Fund will promote cooperation and cost savings.

Other opinions varied.

And one user said the Honeymoon between USA & EU over and divorce papers sent to Trump.

One other sad parting this week: James Crisp leaves EURACTIV to go to the Telegraph. Best of luck in the new job, James!

This week Statoil supports our magic mystery Twitter tour. You can check out their hot off the presses annual forecast on global energy markets online.

And remember to catch #EUTweets of the week every Friday to see who are the winners and losers in the only vote that really matters.

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