Tweets of the Week: Weinstein, Brexit ball games, and Catalonia

Welcome to Tweets of the Week. This week, Harvey Weinstein the world’s most hated man? Brexit ball games, Barnier’s no fan. And watch this space if you’re Catalan.

News reports that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped three women and sexually harassed numerous others flooded social media this week.

Dozens of stars, including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne and Rose McGowan told how they had been harassed by him

Many were concerned about how long the story had been kept under wraps:

The UK Labour party demanded Theresa May strip Weinstein of his CBE

The PM said it was not a matter for Downing Street, but did praise the courage of women for speaking out.

Actor Jessica Chastain, thought social media was key in breaking the story

But Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan was suspended by Twitter for “violating site’s rules”

Simon Brew pointed out the hypocrisy. Trump threatens nuclear war? No problem. Racism/homophobia/threats? No problem. Rose McGowan calling people out? Banned from Twitter.

This week there’s yet another Brexit balls-up!

Theresa May told MPs that “the ball is in the EU court” in response to the EU saying the ball was in UK court, in response to May’s speech saying the ball was in the EU court

All clear?

Berlaymonster attempted to sum up.
UK: “The ball’s in your court.”
EU: “No, the ball’s in YOUR court.”
Erm… why are you playing on different courts?

Leading Michel Barnier to declare in frustration that “Brexit is not a game!”


Finally it’s Schrödinger’s Cat-alonia as President Carles Puigdemont signed a declaration of independence… then immediately suspended it.

Spanish papers interpreted it as “Farce and blackmail”.

James Crisp says the obvious solution is to let Catalonia believe it has declared independence and Madrid believe it hasn’t.

Owen Jones says It’s not about whether you support Catalonia’s independence. It’s about whether you support democracy.

Vocal Europe held an interesting poll asking whether the the EU should get involved in the crisis? The general response? Yes.

The Economist’s Tom Nuttall thinks it’s going to drag on saying: “if at first you don’t secede…”

Very clever Tom. Very clever.

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