UKIP to Lord Hill: “Which one is your master, the Queen or the EU?”

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In his confirmation hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, British Commissioner-designated for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Markets Union Jonathan Hill said that there is “no conflict” between the oath he swore to the Queen of England and the oath he hopes to swear to the European Union

Hill’s comments come after eurosceptic British MEP Steven Woolfe MEP asked the Commissioner-designate how he intends to serve the EU “independently” if he has already sworn an oath to the Queen of England.

If your appointment is confirmed, you will be required to swear an oath to the EU in the following terms: to be completely independent in carrying out your responsibilities and the general interests of the union, neither to seek or take instructions from any government or from any institution, body, office or entity. Surely this is a conflict between the two oaths.” Woolfe said.

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