Active ageing

Health 03-11-2016

Alzheimer Europe chief: Holistic approach needed to tackle dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia remain underdiagnosed in most European countries, Jean Georges told EURACTIV.
Brexit 23-10-2012

Blind rights activist: ‘In the UK, 66% of visually impaired are unemployed’

There are huge variations in employment conditions for visually impaired Europeans, but those countries offering more modern solutions do not always provide the best chances, says Fred Reid.
Health 02-12-2011

Busoi MEP: Taking the pulse to save on healthcare costs

EU healthcare is under extreme financial pressure and important choices regarding the diseases on which we focus and the resources we allocate to their management need to be made, according to MEP Cristian Busoi. The Romanian liberal MEP has set up a new task force in the European Parliament this week to address the issue.