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  • Electric plane certified by EU regulator in world-first

    News | Aviation 12-06-2020

    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) granted this week an electric aircraft worldwide certification to operate, in what the regulator hailed as a massive step forward in battery-powered flight.

  • France unveils €15bn in aerospace aid

    News 09-06-2020

    The French government on Tuesday (9 June) lifted the lid on a €15 billion support package for its lucrative but embattled aerospace sector. The scheme involves a €500 million investment fund for smaller companies and a plan to debut a carbon-neutral plane by 2035.

  • France to unveil aerospace crisis plan worth up to €10bn

    News 08-06-2020

    A French emergency plan for the aerospace industry to be unveiled this week could be worth up to €10 billion, including an expected €1 billion investment fund, business newspaper Les Echos reported on Sunday (7 June).

  • Death of an aviation giant, as A380 feels virus bite

    News 25-05-2020

    Coronavirus has hastened the demise of the Airbus A380 - the world’s largest airliner - as the aviation industry scrambles to adapt to lower demand for air travel, which has essentially made the double-decker super-jumbo a plane out of time.

  • EU aviation regulator prepares to get planes back in skies

    News 04-05-2020

    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on Monday (4 May) started advising airports on how to resume operations properly, after the coronavirus outbreak grounded a majority of flights. Operators will have to check for debris and wild animals, among a slew of other points.

  • Coronavirus grounds Airbus and Boeing’s lofty plans 

    News 27-04-2020

    Developments in the aerospace industry are falling by the wayside because of the coronavirus outbreak’s huge impact on the sector: US planemaker Boeing has abandoned international joint venture plans while European rival Airbus has nixed a project aimed at producing electric-powered aircraft.

  • Portugal mulls nationalising its flag-carrier

    News | Aviation 15-04-2020

    Portugal may need to nationalise its flag carrier TAP and other companies badly hit by the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said on Tuesday (14 April).

  • Sweden gets airline bailout green light from EU

    News | Aviation 13-04-2020

    The European Commission approved Sweden’s half-billion euro support scheme for airlines on Saturday (11 April), in what is one of the first major forays into bailing out Europe’s coronavirus-hit airlines.

  • Coronavirus blocks Airbus plans for new jet plant

    News 13-04-2020

    Airbus has shelved plans to add a French assembly line for its A321neo aircraft just 10 weeks after the expansion was launched, as the coronavirus fallout spreads to its best-selling jetliner.

  • Lufthansa super-jumbos fall victim to virus as airline bailouts loom

    News | Aviation 09-04-2020

    German flag-carrier Lufthansa will send six of its 14 A380s - the world’s largest commercial airliner - into early retirement, due to massive disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The decision comes just as airlines gear up to request bailouts from governments.

  • Aerospace giants face massive virus disruption to order books

    News 07-04-2020

    The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus is also threatening the aviation industry. While Boeing's production of commercial aircraft is virtually at a standstill, Airbus intends to downsize production. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.

  • EU fuels rocket programme with €100m

    News | Outer space 22-01-2020

    The European Commission announced a €100 million investment in a prototype rocket programme on Tuesday (21 January), as Europe aims to keep a firm hold in a space industry predicted to be worth €1 trillion in the coming years.