Towards the end of the road for the EU’s inhumane live animal transports?

Members of the European Parliament have a unique chance to drastically improve the lives of animals during transport. They need to take it, argue Tilly Metz and Anja Hazekamp.

Why 2022 must be the year governments serve up a food systems revolution

Of all the reasons why 2021 may go down in history, the first UN Food Systems Summit may yet have the longest-lasting impact worldwide, writes Agnes Kalibata.

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Why the future of farming lies in regenerative agriculture

With exciting new processes, innovations and technologies, farming today is more precise, more productive and more sustainable than ever before. The transformation has been startling.
Global Europe 09-11-2021

The fight for Zero Hunger continues

Hunger has been rising globally since 2014, the risk of famine in some countries is real and malnutrition rates are still very high. Having been a world leader on nutrition through its last seven-year budget, the EU needs to take up its responsibility again, argue a group of advocates.
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What is the use of innovation if it cannot be implemented? Or why consumers have the last word

What is the use of innovation if it cannot be implemented? How can we efficiently implement innovation?” These were some of the central questions posed at EFIB 2021, Europe’s leading event on Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy organized by EuropaBio.
Climate change 03-11-2021

Why investing in Africa’s livestock sector offers best returns for climate resilience

Asking Africa to reduce numbers of livestock to meet global climate goals, as one European negotiator suggested earlier this year, is not a solution to the climate change crisis, writes George Wamukoya.
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UPL presents the launch of its new business unit NPP in Europe

Dos Hermanas (Seville), Oct 21 (EFE) - Agro-chemical giant UPL South-Europe officially launched its Natural Plant Protection (NPP) unit in Europe this Thursday in Dos Hermanas, Seville.
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Energy crisis today – fertiliser and food crisis tomorrow?

Sky-high gas prices forced EU fertilizer industry to curtail production. Gas is the most important raw material for fertilizer production, and unless this crisis is quickly averted, the short-term crisis could lead to permanent closures or industry relocation outside of Europe.
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U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

There is an urgent need for a harmonised framework on corporate communications around product sustainability, and the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol welcomes the EU’s efforts to drive greater sustainability in global supply chains, including in the textiles sector.
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Innovation in animal health as a key contributor to the EU’s sustainability objectives

Lawmakers have set the political goals for enhanced agricultural sustainability, including higher animal welfare standards, antibiotic use reduction, and decreasing the impact of animal husbandry on the planet
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The Farm to Fork Strategy is an Opportunity to Incentivise Food and Drink Reformulation

A harmonised FOP labelling system that is rooted in sound science and reflects progressive reformulation efforts by the industry can implement the goals of the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Time to tip our food systems towards a sustainable and equitable future

By finding well targeted 'tipping points', a sustainable, resilient, and more equitable world food system can still be created, argue Simon Sharpe and Tim Lenton.
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Regulation and business action – A positive path to a more sustainable food system

Our world has an environmental crisis on its hands. Our hands. Not something for the near or mid future. It’s here, now. Does anyone remain to be convinced?
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Can meat producers communicate about sustainability?

Sustainable food requires massive investments across the value chain and commitment from consumers to choose sustainability. Together, farmers, producers, consumers, and customers can create a sustainable future for food.
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Creating healthy food environments – EU policies and key stakeholder contributions

ISA has engaged to proudly support a recent EURACTIV event where panellists discussed EU food policies that aim to create healthy food environments for EU citizens, focusing on the contribution of different stakeholders.
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Advancing Sustainable Agriculture: the role of advanced farm machines & solutions

Advancing sustainable agriculture in Europe is possible, but to do so, technology uptake needs to take-off through investment support in advanced farm machinery, precision farming technologies and digital solutions.
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From farm to fork – from necessity to opportunity

As the second-largest food company internationally, PepsiCo is well aware of the evident challenges that the food system is facing and has openly endorsed the collaborative work that the European Commission has led in putting together the code of conduct.

No CAP reform without trade reform

Negotiations to attempt to align the next phase of the Common Agricultural Policy to the EU Green Deal drag on. Yet the goal of a truly sustainable European agricultural policy will only be achieved alongside a courageous trade policy, argues Thilo Bode.
Special ReportStakeholder Opinion

Technological advances in animal health can support young farmers with ecological practices

For many decades, policies for agriculture, research and development, education and training, and consumer demands have influenced the use of technology in farming as well as farm practices.  Roxane Feller is the Secretary-General of AnimalhealthEurope. Previously farmers looked to new...
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Recovery plans must help Europe’s hospitality sector in the short, medium and long term

Europe’s struggling economies are set to get a major boost from the €750 billion COVID-19 recovery fund. In the last weeks ‘recovery and resilience plans’ from across the bloc have been submitted to the Commission as part of what the...

Transparency of fishing activities is essential to secure sustainable and legal seafood

In recent years, the EU has taken a “zero tolerance” approach to illegal fishing practices. Now its vision to stop such practices through increased transparency needs support, writes Pierre Karleskind.
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Historical moment for sustainable food and drink

Decisions made in the coming two years, by businesses and politicians, will determine whether we can create truly sustainable food systems or whether future generations will look back on our actions with incredulity at a missed opportunity.

The European Green Deal and the role of the 2023-2027 CAP

The reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will affect the lives and have direct impact on European farmers, consumers and our societies, in general, writes Spilios Livanos. Spilios Livanos is Greece’s Minister of Rural Development and Food. This is a...

One year on, are MEPs ready to boost biodiversity and farm to fork strategies?

In the next few weeks, EU lawmakers have a chance to show their strong support for nature and sustainable agriculture, argue Sabien Leemans and Jabier Ruiz. But will they?