Farm to Fork report vote, challenges of organic farming

This week, EURACTIV discusses the outcome of the European Parliaments vote on their own initiative report on the Farm to Fork strategy, and we speak with Diana Lenzi, President of young farmers' association CEJA.

JRC report delay, 2022 agenda, water use

This week, EURACTIV hears reactions from MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen and rapporteur Herbert Dorfmann to the news that the European Commission chose to delay on the publication of their controversial JRC report on the impacts of the Farm to Fork strategy.

Organic day, impact assessment, UN food summit

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team explores the controversy surrounding the UN’s food systems summit with the help of IPES-Food’s Nick Jacobs and Attila Szocs of small farmers association European Coordination Via Campesina. The Commission gets in touch with its hippy...

Antibiotic restrictions, Farm to Fork report, SOTEU

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team digs deeper into a controversial vote in the Parliament on the European Commission’s new delegated act designed to tackle anti-microbial resistance. We talk about Parliament’s preliminary approval of their report on the EU’s flagship food...

Wildfire prevention, JRC report, CAP vote

This week, EURACTIV explores the ways in which agriculture can part of the solution for preventing wildfires with the help of Claire Mignet, director of the NGO ‘Shared Mediterranean Conservatory’, journalist Monica Pelliccia, secretary general of Italy’s programme for the...

A flavour of what’s to come: CAP, animal welfare, gene editing

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team reflects on the biggest stories from this ‘school’ year and the fun to come after the summer break, and we speak with Green MEP Sarah Wiener on turkey welfare and Professor Doreen Boyd from the...

Fit for 55, carbon farming & Slovenian Presidency

The EURACTIV agrifood team speaks about the Fit for 55, the European Commission’s package of energy and climate laws designed to cut carbon emissions by 55% before the end of the decade, and its implications for the agrifood sector, and we...

Bubble battles, Mark Ruffalo & code of conduct

This week, EURACTIV spoke with EURACTIV France’s very own Clara Bauer-Babef and Magdalena Pistorius about what the ‘polluter pays’ principle has to do with agriculture and the bubble battle brewing between France and Russia, and we take a look at the...

The final CAP down – all you need to know

EURACTIV brings you up to speed with all the developments on the long awaited CAP reform and exactly what was decided last week. To put this CAP reform in perspective, we spoke with Angelo Di Mambro, a journalist with the...

EU auditors, CAP (in)action on climate change

This week, EURACTIV spoke with Jindrich Dolezal of the European Court of Auditors about their recent report which lambasted EU agricultural funding for combatting climate action – totalling €100 billion – saying it has so far been ineffective, especially when...

Controversial guests, EU-US truce & pesticide ban

This week, EURACTIV discusses the controversy around the fact that EU farmers association COPA-COGECA was invited to this week’s informal AGRIFISH Council, we explore the EU-US trade truce and what this means for the agrifood sector. And we speak with...

Sausage (and other meats) scandal, cage-free EU

This week, we spoke with EURACTIV’s very own Ben Fox about the so-called “sausage war” between the EU and the UK which has hit headlines this week, and with Green MEP Francisco Guerreiro to hear his reaction to the news...

Final CAP down – what went wrong?

This week, EURACTIV reflects on the final CAP down week, exploring why talks collapsed and negotiatiors did not manage to seal a deal, and we speak with Nathalie Sauze-Vandevyver, director in DG Agri in charge of quality, research & innovation,...

EU’s agri boss, CAP negotiator, #finalCAPdown (again)

This week, EURACTIV speaks to the EU’s Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski ahead of next week’s pivotal CAP reform negotiations about the thorny issues remaining in the reform, how he sees his role and his relationship with the EU farming community, and his...

Carbon considerations, Spain shirks scrutiny, live exports

This week, EURACTIV spoke with Riccardo Valentini, Professor of Forest Ecology at the University of Tuscia, about carbon neutrality and carbon markets for farming, and we hear from Green MEP Thomas Waitz about the news that the Spanish government has rejected...

Xylella, spittlebug serenade, titanium dioxide

This week, the EURACTIV agrifood podcast is buzzing about insects, starting with an interview with Maria Saponari, from Italy’s Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection, about the latest research on the olive tree disease Xylella, including an exclusive clip of the...

Gene-editing study: background, summary, reactions

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team delves into the publication of the Commission’s controversial new study on gene-editing, hearing reactions from a range of stakeholders, including Green MEP Tilly Metz, centre-right MEP Herbert Dorfmann, Garlich von Essen, secretary general of EU seed sector organisation...

Farmer definition, a ‘proper ruckus’, regenerative agriculture

This week, EURACTIV explores the definition of an active farmer with the help of Morgan Ody, a farmer and member of EU farmers association European Coordination Via Campesina, EURACTIV’s agrifood news team talks about a ‘ruckus’ between farmers and the...

AGRI Committee chair, CAP update, halloumi cheese

Welcome back to EURACTIV’s agrifood podcast! After a brief hiatus, we are back this week to speak about the latest developments on the reform of the EU’s farming subsidies programme, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). In an interview with the...

CAP super-trilogue: what’s on the menu?

This week, EURACTIV gives a recap on what to expect from the so-called “super-trilogue” on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, discussing what is on the menu for the meeting and the main remaining sticking points in negotiations.

Organic action plan, nutriscore, salted butter

This week, the EURACTIV agrifood team explores what can be expected from the upcoming Organic Action Plan, due to be published on 24 March, and we speak about the latest chapter in the longstanding saga on front of pack nutritional...

Portuguese agri minister, CAP super trilogue, EU-US relations

This week, EURACTIV spoke with Portuguese agricultural minister Maria do Céu Antunes, who is the current chair of the AGRIFISH Council, about the challenges involved in wrapping up the CAP, including the thorny issue of social conditionality and how she hopes...

Buttergate, dairy exports, super-trilogue

This week, EURACTIV takes a look at why butter is hitting the headlines in Canada and what implications this could have for the EU, and we talk about the upcoming ‘super-trilogue’ which has been called by the Portuguese Presidency this...

Social conditionality, CAP, small farms

This week, EURACTIV speaks with Enrico Somaglia, deputy secretary-general of the European federation of food, agriculture and tourism unions, about social conditionality and what this would mean for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, and we speak with Irish MEP Chris...