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  • ASEAN can show the way for Europe on Trade

    Promoted content | ASEAN 24-05-2018

    From Kuala Lumpur, the global trading system currently resembles a high-stakes poker game played by giants – China, the US and the EU. ASEAN as a region feels almost like an outlier, writes Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor.

  • With a bad RED II policy we will not invest: V4+Sustainable Biofuel Alliance

    Promoted content | Energy 22-05-2018

    EU crop based biofuels are currently the primary tool in the decarbonisation of transport in Europe: no small task. Their direct displacement of oil, high sustainability; huge GHG reductions and addition of high protein animal feed to the food chain …

  • The EU needs to speak up to avoid ‘backdoor’ GMOs on our plates


    When is a genetically modified organism (GMO) not a GMO? This is the question that the ECJ will soon rule on after a complaint from a coalition of French agriculture groups reached the EU’s highest court, writes Mute Schimpf.

  • EU unable to contain explosion in unsustainable biodiesel imports


    Imports of Argentine soy biodiesel, which are among the most unsustainable of biofuels, have exploded in recent months because the EU lost a trade case at the WTO, writes Kristina Wittkopp.

  • Equal standards for food across the EU: A matter of taste? No, a matter of quality!


    What is in the food that we buy? It’s a question whose answer is less certain than it should be. Shockingly, many food manufacturers find it acceptable to sell their food with standard packaging throughout the EU, but with very different content, and often lower quality, in different countries, writes Lilyana Pavlova.


  • EU governments, businesses, consumers must work together to demand sustainable fisheries


    As the seafood industry enters an era that many experts say will bring growing demand and dwindling supply, every player in the supply chain must work to advance sustainability and end illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, writes Amanda Nickson.

  • EU biofuel policy grasping at straw

    Promoted content 24-04-2018

    A culturally uniform and uninformed group of urban EU bureaucrats, NGOs and technology providers in Brussels have increasingly believed that straw is a waste, that it exists in vast quantities and that it is dirt cheap - oh and that it can easily be turned into a biofuel. This could only happen in a city with people who never get mud on their boots.

  • RED II perpetuates advanced biofuel trade distortions and incentivises fraud

    Promoted content 17-04-2018

    The Energy Directive (RED 2) transport decarbonisation ambitions ostensibly promote major capital investment in truly advanced biofuels breakthrough technologies.  However, the Directive will not generate meaningful advanced biofuels investment. Instead, it incentivises fake wastes to meet biofuels targets for 2030.  …

  • RED II Council pressure for double counting renewables must be rejected

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 10-04-2018

    Europe’s proposed climate and energy legislation allows for ‘double counting’ of renewable energy used in transport, creating the illusion that the EU is moving towards fulfilling its commitments in transport, and making some in Brussels feel good, when all the while fossil emissions are steadily rising.

  • Flawed Commission advanced biofuel costings fail taxpayers and consumers

    Promoted content 27-03-2018

    Key European Commission documents refer to substantial cost savings when transitioning from conventional to advanced biofuels. This cost saving claim is actively implied but never explained, nor are solid references provided. It is just presented as a fact in important decision-supporting documents.

  • Time to end the pesticide merry-go-round


    On 22 March, EU member states are meeting again to discuss a full ban on the world’s most widely used pesticides, neonicotinoids. It’s a crucial chance to protect our pollinators, children and crops and rethink our whole food system, writes Dave Goulson.

  • RED II – Europe’s €25 billion blunder


    The Commission’s ‘strategy’ is to phase out conventional biofuels in the hope that they will miraculously be replaced by ‘advanced’ biofuels in Europe’s transport energy mix isn’t backed by science or by logic, writes Dick Roche.