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  • Only a nutrition-sensitive CAP can deliver on climate and health


    The evidence is clear: to secure a thriving future for people and planet we need to collectively transform our eating patterns towards healthier, more plant-rich diets. The EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) can facilitate this transition. But several misunderstandings hinder progress.  

  • The EU must bury the debate on harmful fisheries subsidies once and for all


    With our oceans and seas in a critical state of degradation from fleet overcapacity and overfishing, reintroducing subsidies that boost these activities must not be permitted, writes Ignacio Fesco Vanzini.

  • Why new CAP must place small sustainable producers at the centre


    A new report published by a network of  European grassroots civil society organisations calls for a Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and wider policy framework that explicitly favours small-scale sustainable producers and re-localisation of food supply-chains, write Chris Chancellor and Geneviève Savigny. Chris …

  • Healthy Breakfast: definitions, benefits and recommendations

    Promoted content 21-03-2019

    Breakfast is frequently regarded as the most important meal of the day, and although every meal is important, science has shown that a daily breakfast provides a wide range of health benefits not only on physical, but also on mental health.

  • No water, no agriculture


    The state of Europe’s water ecosystems puts a big question mark over the future availability of freshwater, for people and for all manner of industry, not least for food production and agriculture, writes Jabier Ruiz.

  • The importance of dietary fibre in the daily diet

    Promoted content 13-03-2019

    Nowadays, fibre intake in most European countries is below the recommended levels, with average intakes as low as 12.7 and 13.6g per day in Spain and UK, respectively.


  • Women rural entrepreneurs deserve greater attention to keep European rural area vibrant

    Special Report | Promoted content 08-03-2019

    Now more than ever, rural women and especially women farmers have a key role to play in the development and preservation of vibrant rural areas.

  • ‘Wine in Moderation’ – a unique international movement

    Promoted content 26-02-2019

    Wine in Moderation celebrates 10 years of social responsibility in the wine sector and looks forwards to the future while it strives to continuously evolve, meeting today’s world challenges for a balanced lifestyle.

  • Aviation risks undercutting EU’s new renewables rules

    Aviation 11-02-2019

    The ink is barely dry on the EU’s revised renewable energy policy and already it is under threat from the aviation sector, warn Jori Sihvonen and Andrew Murphy.

  • No water, no reuse


    The European Parliament can save the entire water reuse project, or render the whole exercise until now worthless when it votes on 12 February, writes Roberto Mazzini.

  • Europe’s palm oil strategy is fading

    Promoted content 07-02-2019

    A vote by the French National Assembly to exclude palm oil from their list of eligible biofuels will have implications for the EU's new renewable energy law, writes Pierre Bois d’Enghien.

  • EU food alert system exposed to antimicrobial resistant contamination


    On 25 October 2018, the European Parliament adopted a new legislative framework for veterinary medicinal products and medicated feed, which are a step forward in preventing the rise in antibiotic resistance.

  • Big agri-food industry aims to kill ‘End The Cage Age’ initiative


    The Big Agri industry has launched a multi-pronged attack on the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to End The Cage Age – a direct democracy tool that enables European citizens to request an end to the use of cages for farm animals, writes Olga Kikou.

  • Citizens are fed up with industrial agriculture


    Europe's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was a big issue at this year's Green Week in Berlin. With all the billions of euros available, the agro-ecological transition is more than possible, especially if subsidies to agribusiness and factory farms were stopped, write Harriet Bradley and Trees Robijns.

  • Exercise to keep your heart healthy

    Promoted content 28-01-2019

    Remember those heady days, right around New Year’s Eve, when you made a resolution to finally get yourself a gym membership and start working out again? Because you were dedicated to making 2019 the year you shed those extra pounds …

  • E10 safe in all petrol cars


    Folklore shouldn’t stop progress: if a car works fine with today’s petrol from EU filling stations, it will work just fine with the new E10 petrol, writes Ethanol Europe's James Cogan.

  • Cutting down on ammonia emissions in the EU: for healthier and more sustainable food production

    Promoted content 24-01-2019

    Ammonia emissions – ammonia released into the atmosphere in high concentrations pollute the air we breathe and represent a significant threat to human health and the environment. It is time to act. The EU has already put in place measures to …

  • Time to give up sacred EU budget cows


    As EU member states debate the bloc’s next 7-year budget, no sector should be off-limits. Annika Hedberg argues that each euro spent should provide added value for the EU and its citizens, including the agricultural sector, a major recipient of EU money.

  • Is eating at the wrong time a handicap for our biological clock?

    Promoted content 21-12-2018

    Until now, research to address the rising incidence of overweight, obesity and metabolic diseases has focused on analysing the impact of diet composition by asking: what are we eating?  However, less attention has been paid to another aspect of nutrition: when are we eating?

  • Shocking cases of illegal fishing in EU highlight the need for stronger fisheries control


    The European Parliament and the Council must take into consideration recent cases of illegal fishing activities in order to be better prepared for the negotiations over the EU Fisheries Control System’s revision starting next year, writes Elisabeth Druel. Elisabeth Druel is …

  • Catch 22: Why too many EU vessels still chase too few fish


    The reformed Common Fisheries Policy contain the tools to deliver profitable fisheries, thriving fish stocks and lively coastal communities. To combat over-fishing, the EU and member states must act now, demands Jan Isakson.

  • EU protein plan: will the cure be worse than the disease?


    On 17 December, EU agriculture ministers will discuss ideas published by the European Commission to reduce the amount of unsustainable overseas soy imported into the EU – by growing more here, writes Stanka Becheva.


  • EU public says enough is enough on tobacco control

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 12-12-2018

    Recent polling evidence shows that public appetite for yet more measures to clamp down on smoking has been exhausted, says Guillaume Périgois.

  • The EU and mako sharks: From sinner to saviour?

    Energy & Environment 12-12-2018

    The EU should match its rhetoric on sustainable fisheries by leading global efforts to preserve mako sharks, argues Staci McLennan.

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