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  • Don’t let COVID-19 become a hunger game


    The health impacts of the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic on some of the poorest countries are still unknown and any ensuing food crisis as a result of poor policy-making will be a humanitarian disaster to avert, writes FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu.

  • How biofuels enter the race against the coronavirus pandemic


    For 2020, hand sanitisers and disinfectants are what new iPhones and electric vehicles were for 2019. So, who are the Apples and Teslas of ethyl alcohol, asks Zoltán Szabó and explains how a climate solution is being turned into health assistance.

  • Embracing innovation for a stable and secure food supply


    Amid the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, Europe must invest in innovation to enhance food security, as the ongoing crisis has laid bare the vulnerabilities of our seemingly strong system, writes Igor Teslenko.

  • What is genetic engineering? A plea for a rational definition of what it is and what it isn’t

    Promoted content 17-03-2020

    The public debate on genetic engineering in agriculture is largely characterised by misinformation, myths and a confused understanding of nature, writes plant breeding and gene editing expert, Professor Hans-Jörg Jacobsen (PhD).

  • Making Europe’s economy circular: The time is now

    Promoted content 16-03-2020

    The circular economy lies at the very heart of the Commission’s new regenerative growth strategy for Europe and UNESDA is fully committed to supporting the transition, writes Tudy Bernier.

  • Don’t forget those 2020 targets


    The EU Green Deal discussion is focused on 2030 and 2050, but it overlooks some important deadlines that are looming large, writes Emmanuel Desplechin.

  • Food supplements for healthier citizens and a stronger economy in the EU


    Food supplements can improve public health and reduce pressure on the sustainability of healthcare systems in the EU. However, to achieve the full potential of the sector, the EU needs a clear political strategy and stable legislative framework write MEPs Simona Bonafè and Pascal Arimont.

  • Embracing technology to feed a growing world


    It is time for America and Europe to work together to solve the next great challenge facing us - to produce enough food, with fewer inputs, to feed a growing world population - which means embracing innovation and technology in a safe, sustainable agriculture, writes Sonny Perdue.

  • From linear to circular – a roadmap for Europe’s soft drinks industry

    Promoted content 19-02-2020

    Circularity presents a real opportunity for our generation. We have already done a lot, but we recognise there is still much to be done to make our businesses more sustainable – and we are up for the challenge.

  • How the EU’s Green Deal could help trigger a historic EU-ASEAN trade deal


    There has been much fanfare over the EU’s new Green Deal, a three-decade plan to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. Lauded as “revolutionary”, “visionary” and a “game-changer”, it has been applauded across the globe. Understandably so: the stated goals are nothing short of commendable, writes Teresa Kok.

  • Fighting malnutrition: Golden Rice and the EU’s GMO conundrum

    Promoted content 12-02-2020

    In the last two decades, the cultivation of genetically biofortified crops, such as Golden Rice, to help solve the global humanitarian crisis of “malnutrition” remains elusive. Let’s consider the facts.

  • ‘New GMOs’: Kyriakides gets off on wrong foot with biased consultation


    The new EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides recently told that her “priority is to gather more information” on gene editing. To this end, she said, "we will be preparing a study on new genomic techniques, foreseen for spring 2021”. Clearly, the design and set-up of such a study will be crucial to its outcome, writes Nina Holland.