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  • SAF success stories reveal air travel’s green flightpath

    Special Report | News | Aviation 13-11-2020

    Boosting the use of greener jet-fuel is both a regulatory and an operational challenge. Airports, airlines and manufacturers have all shown interest in sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) and are starting to use them more and more. Here are some of the success stories so far.

  • Thirst in flight: Aviation’s demand for greener fuels set to take off

    Special Report | News | Aviation 09-11-2020

    The environmental impact of flying may have decreased in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic but sustainability is still on the radar of the industry, which is increasingly eyeing greener fuels as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Air travel’s date with sustainability draws nearer

    News | Aviation 06-11-2020

    Aviation is gearing up for big changes in how the industry is regulated, as climate targets bite. The options available to decarbonise planes are plentiful and the challenge now is to invest enough resources in tech upgrades and regulatory tweaks to get the job done.

  • EU urged to correct transport decarbonisation ‘anomaly’ to reach climate targets

    News 06-11-2020

    The EU should scale up the use of sustainable renewable fuels in road transport if Europe’s ambitions for a decarbonised economy are to become a reality by 2050, stakeholders have said.

  • Alternative fuels are essential to delivering the Green Deal

    Opinion | Stakeholder Opinion | Agrifood 28-10-2020

    Decarbonising road transport requires making the most of low-carbon solutions that work in the vehicles Europeans continue to rely on. In a new joint position paper, a coalition of EU alternative fuels producers and suppliers offers a way to turn failure into success when it comes to reducing transport emissions.

  • Advanced biofuels, avoiding a second missed opportunity

    Opinion | Stakeholder Opinion | Agrifood 27-10-2020

    The recast of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) marks the first time that a European Directive needs to be significantly amended just a year and a half after its adoption and before even it was transposed into national law, write …

  • Oil will still drive Europe’s cars by 2030, data show

    News | Agrifood 20-10-2020

    Europe has been trying for a long time to decarbonise its transport sector. However, official data shows that despite a number of EU legislative actions, road transport dependency on oil will remain high by 2030, raising doubts over the effectiveness …

  • Internal combustion engine ‘not going away’, automakers say

    News | Agrifood 29-09-2020

    While automakers are busy making plans to roll out electric vehicles, the existing car fleet will continue relying on traditional fuels for many years to come, the industry says, arguing in favour of biofuels to achieve CO2 cuts in the short term.

  • Are all renewable aviation fuels equally sustainable?

    Opinion | Promoted content 31-08-2020

    A recent European Commission inception impact assessment on “ReFuelEU Aviation” presents ideas about a future EU law to promote renewable aviation fuels, labelled as “Sustainable” Aviation Fuels (SAF). These offer a legitimate way to reduce GHG emissions and deserve our …

  • We won’t get there without sustainable biofuels

    Opinion 17-07-2020

    It is common knowledge by now: transport is and stays a big greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter in the EU and worldwide. It accounted for 27% of EU-28 total emissions in 2017, and the sector runs almost entirely on fossil fuel. David Chiaramonti and Giacomo Talluri explain how this can be curbed.

  • Greener aviation set for end-of-year lift

    News | Aviation 16-07-2020

    An EU initiative aimed at boosting the uptake of cleaner aviation fuels is set to launch at the end of 2020 and a new push by the European Commission to streamline tax policy might yet have a big impact on air travel’s carbon footprint.

  • Green Finance Taxonomy: sustainable opportunities for transport

    Opinion | Promoted content 14-07-2020

    The recent adoption of the Taxonomy Regulation by the European Parliament marks the last legislative step for creating the world’s first classification of sustainable economic activities. It is expected to leverage on private investments to set in motion the transformation of the EU economic activities, transport systems included. A rational roadmap to implement available solutions without risky shortcuts is not planned yet.


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