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  • Airlines violating ETS law should be named

    Transport 21-05-2015

    Aviation emissions standards are vital to protect the European environment, and must be enforced fairly across the EU, writes Andrew Murphy. 

  • Drones in sight

    Transport 12-03-2015

    Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly known as ‘drones’, are here to stay. But before “allowing drone operations everywhere in Europe from 2016 onwards”, as the EU Transport Commissioner pledges, we must erase any safety, security and privacy doubts, writes Dirk Polloczek.

  • Who wants to spark an air transport trade war against the USA?

    Transport 18-12-2014

    A trade war between USA and Europe over the Open Skies agreement must not be triggered because all European and US airlines will be penalized for the benefit of airlines from third countries, writes Emmanuel Jahan. But that is what may happen if no action is taken to guarantee fair competition, particularly at the social and fiscal levels in Europe and the USA.

  • A New Deal for aviation

    Transport 01-12-2014

    Airport connectivity should lie at the heart of a European strategy for aviation, but is currently on the decline, writes Franck Proust.