Steven Tas
Digital 05-09-2016

Steven Tas, ETNO EB Chair – A new Digital Union

We have to substantially reform our European policies for digital networks and services. Small changes will not be enough.

Digital 05-05-2015

Principles for a successful Digital Single Market in Europe

Cable Europe welcomes the Commission’s work towards a Digital Single Market and looks forward to collaborating with the Commission and the widest range of stakeholders as an effective strategy is developed for this vitally important area of Europe’s digital future.

Digital 15-04-2013

Huawei’s Juan Rendon on Broadband in Europe

What is the current state of broadband in Europe?
There is going to be an increasing demand of broadband traffic over the next five years, and operators need to be ready to address this demand.
What will happen if operators are not ready for increased demand?

Digital 15-04-2013

Broader Way Forum 2013: Broadband Drives Digital Society

Huawei’s Broader Way Forum is a series of events that take place around the world, bringing together influential ICT stakeholders from the public and private sector, including industry experts, academics, operators, internet service providers, government officials and media.
It encourages dialogue and concrete actions to promote broadband innovation as an enabler of social and economic development around the world.