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  • Telecoms package passes final hurdle

    News | Digital 25-11-2009

    A highly contested set of telecoms rules finally won broad consensus in the European Parliament yesterday (24 November), paving the way for high-speed Internet across Europe. Though some say the final package is not the "alpha or the omega," they concede that it is a step in the right direction.

  • Opinion leaders seek ‘big idea’ for EU

    News | Public Affairs 12-10-2009

    Sizeable personalities in European business, administration and public life, including EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding, met on Friday (9 October) in Brussels in an attempt to search for a 'big idea' for Europe. Reding made the case for placing "digital Europe" at the top of the new European Commission's agenda.

  • Microsoft sees ICT investment as crisis-beater

    News | Digital 08-10-2009

    At a time when Europe's economies find themselves walled in by high budget deficits and unemployment, a recent Microsoft-sponsored study claims that investments in information and communication technologies could make all the difference.

  • EU consults on state aid rules for high-speed Internet

    News | Competition 20-05-2009

    The European Commission yesterday (19 May) launched a public consultation on draft guidelines that will determine when governments can grant public funds for rolling out high-speed broadband networks.

  • EU eyes mobile revenues to fund fibre investment

    Special Report | News | Digital 04-02-2009

    The European Commission is set to ask national telecoms authorities to slash the wholesale fees operators charge one another for mobile calls or text messages (SMS) as a means of supporting investment in optical fibre networks, which underpin the high-speed Internet.

  • Commission report highlights slow progress on Lisbon Strategy

    Special Report | News | Brexit 30-01-2009

    Despite their best efforts and some encouraging employment figures, most EU countries have not lived up to the challenge of keeping Europe competitive in the long-term, the EU executive found on Wednesday (27 January). The bloc's goal of becoming "the world's most dynamic knowledge-based economy by 2010" is thus no more than an "illusion", experts noted, especially in the wake of the financial and economic crises.

  • EU to use unspent cash for clean energy, broadband

    News | Energy 29-01-2009

    The European Commission yesterday (28 January) proposed to reallocate five billion euro of unspent EU money, mostly to support clean coal projects, offshore wind farms and the deployment of broadband Internet connections in rural areas.

  • Brussels wants more money for broadband

    News | Digital 27-11-2008

    The European Commission is seeking to earmark an additional €1 billion over the next two years to spur investment in high-speed Internet as a means of helping the recession-hit EU economy to recover from the financial crisis.

  • Beijing Games marked surge in Internet viewers

    News | Sports 27-08-2008

    A record number of Europeans watched the Beijing Olympic Games via the Internet, confirming an upward trend that will make it all the more necessary to update networks to satisfy surging demand.

  • Tele-work growth ‘too slow’, says OECD

    News | Digital 21-05-2008

    Despite their potential positive effects on traffic congestion and pollution in cities, the "opportunities of tele-work are not being fully exploited," according to a new report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

  • EU broadband use on the rise

    News | Digital 21-04-2008

    Community efforts to boost citizens' access to the web are paying off, with 40 million more Europeans becoming "regular internet users" last year, according to a new Commission report.

  • Broadband spread in EU too slow, finds report

    News | Digital 20-03-2008

    High-speed internet connections can now be found in one out of five households across the EU, but this is still well below the bloc's 30% target, according to the 2007 report on the EU Telecoms sector published by the European Commission on 19 March.