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  • High-speed Internet: EU leaders reject binding targets

    News | Digital 17-03-2008

    European leaders did not endorse the Commission’s bold goal of connecting almost one in three households to high-speed broadband internet by 2010. Instead EU states are encouraged to “set ambitious national targets”.

  • UK broadband deregulation welcomed in Brussels

    News | Competition 15-02-2008

    Ofcom has become the first European telecoms regulator to identify different broadband markets within a country, a move which allows it to pioneer lifting regulations in markets deemed sufficiently competitive.

  • Broadband internet coverage rises across EU

    News | Digital 04-12-2007

    As researchers and decision makers gather for the fourth edition of the BroadBand Europe conference in Antwerp, new figures released by Eurostat show a marked increase in the use of broadband technologies for internet connection in Europe.

  • Commission to tackle Europe’s broadband divide

    News | Digital 17-10-2007

    A wide-ranging package of proposals to reform the EU's telecommunication rules, due on 13 November 2007, will include measures to boost competition in Europe's broadband markets in order to increase the number of subscribers in new member states.

  • EU Broadband policy

    LinksDossier | Science & Policymaking 03-07-2007

    The widespread introduction of broadband at affordable prices is one of the chief objectives of the EU's i2010 action plan. Broadband technology allows users to access the Internet at high speeds via their telephone lines (DSL), cable, wireless mobile technologies and satellites. Moreover, the deployment of next generation networks, based on optical fibres, is set to put a new range of super-fast Internet services withing everyone's reach .

  • EU takes Germany to Court over fibre-optics competition row

    News | Competition 27-06-2007

    A dispute over 'regulatory holidays' for Germany's next-generation high-speed internet infrastructure based on fibre-optics is escalating, with Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding taking the country to the European Court of Justice.

  • MEPs want fast internet rolled out to outermost regions

    News | Digital 22-06-2007

    The deployment of reliable high-speed internet connections even to remote regions is of utmost importance for the growth of businesses, for social inclusion and in order to make public services such as e-government, e-health and or e-learning accessible to all, MEPs have said in a Resolution. 

  • i2010

    LinksDossier | Digital 08-06-2007

    The Commission’s i2010 programme aims to promote convergence in information and communication technologies by 2010, an ambition that Brussels considers vital to the overall objective of boosting innovation and jobs.

  • European households go wireless

    News | Digital 27-08-2006

    Mobile phones and high-speed wireless internet are on the way up in European households.

  • High-speed internet for all is now a Commission priority

    News | Digital 22-03-2006

    A wide range of EU policy instruments and funds are now being activated to boost the spread of broadband internet to poorer regions.

  • Southeast Europe is a world apart for telecoms, study finds

    News | Digital 22-11-2005

    Southeastern European countries are still far from EU standards when it comes to liberalisation of their telecommunications markets, broadband penetration and other parameters of modern information societies, a report finds. 

  • OECD: Broadband internet to reshape entire communication sector

    News | Digital 25-08-2005

    As Google's much-awaited Google Talk application hits the market, a new OECD study predicts stiff competition for traditional fixed-line telephony from internet-based solutions.