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  • Precision agriculture: future of the CAP?

    Promoted content | Agrifood 15-07-2016

    Increasing yields and the quality of the production while reducing energy consumption and inputs or "produce more with less" is the principle of precision agriculture (PA).

  • UK Young Farmers II: Challenges ahead

    Brexit 13-07-2016

    Young farmers at the Lincolnshire Agricultural Show talked to EURACTIV about the future of farming, EU subsidies and the challenges ahead in the UK.

  • UK Young Farmers I: Future of farming

    Brexit 13-07-2016

    Young farmers at the Lincolnshire Agricultural Show talked to EURACTIV about the future of farming, EU subsidies and the challenges ahead in the UK.

  • Organic farming in the EU

    Agrifood 21-03-2016

    Today, organic farming plays an increasingly bigger role on the world’s agricultural stage.

    In the European Union, the use of organic agricultural land has almost doubled in recent years.

  • Debate: The future of organic agriculture in the EU

    Agrifood 26-02-2016

    Organic plays an increasing role in EU agriculture. There's also an ongoing trialogue negotiation on organic regulation review among the Parliament, Commission and the Member States.

  • EU agricultural emissions: On the table

    Agrifood 16-02-2016

    In 2012, agriculture was responsible for over 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

  • Can the (new) CAP deliver on Sustainability?

    Promoted content | Agrifood 01-10-2015

    It is a momentous phase for Europe’s agriculture. The EU’s foremost common policy, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), has been recently reformed to respond adequately to current challenges. The CAP and sustainability are very broad topics. This workshop focused on three main areas:

  • EU negotiators seal a deal on CAP reform

    Promoted content | Agrifood 28-06-2013

    EU negotiators sealed a deal yesterday (26 June) on future farm policy after months of haggling over how ambitious the policy would be on ending quotas, overhauling direct payments to farmers and making agriculture more environmentally responsible.

  • Reform of the CAP: Extracts from the statements by EU’s Dacian Ciolo?

    Special Report | Promoted content | Agrifood 13-03-2013

    The European Parliament votes today (13 March) on a future agricultural policy that, if approved as proposed, would step back from a generation of liberalisation moves and ease the European Commission’s plan to set new environmental standards for farming. 

  • Baltic farmers sing for EU budget equality

    Promoted content | Agrifood 07-02-2013

    This is traditional Baltic music. The singers are farmers from from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
    As European leaders gather on Thursday to discuss the next long-term EU budget, Baltic farmers travelled to Brussels to protest against what they believe is an unfair treatment from the EU. The agricultural funding they get currently is much less than the EU average.

  • CAP reform far from a done deal

    Special Report | Promoted content | Agrifood 24-01-2013

    The European Parliament’s agricultural committee began adopting dozens of amendments to the EU’s future farm policy on Wednesday (23 January), but approval remains far from certain when the full Parliament considers compromise proposals in March.


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