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  • Kazakhstan, a fledgling democracy bent on ‘stability’

    Special Report | News 03-11-2017

    The ruling elite in Astana acknowledges that continuous efforts are needed to tackle corruption – recognised as “systemic” – and bolster press freedom in Kazakhstan. "But it’s a very subtle balance between democracy and stability”, local politicians argue.

  • Kazakhstan hosts Jordan king in flurry of diplomatic activity

    Special Report | News 02-11-2017

    A flurry of diplomatic activity continued in Astana on Wednesday (1 November), marked by the visit of the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, who was awarded a prize for fighting against nuclear proliferation.

  • Russia to hold Syria ‘congress’ in Sochi despite Syrian opposition’s concerns

    Special Report | News 31-10-2017

    The seventh round of Syria talks in Astana ended on Tuesday (31 October) with an agreement between the three “guarantor states” (Russia, Iran and Turkey) for a “congress of national dialogue” to be held in Sochi, despite reservations from the Syrian opposition. EURACTIV reports from Astana.

  • Mediation for peace

    Special Report 31-10-2017

    This week, EURACTIV reports from Astana about the various mediation efforts of Kazakhstan on the international scene, including the Syria war and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as well as the county's initiatives as non-permanent member of the UN Security …

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  • Kazakhstan minister: Our international mediation capacity is growing

    Special Report | News 31-10-2017

    Kazakhstan is ready to continue its role as a facilitator of international dialogue and mediation, Yerzhan Ashikbayev, Kazakhstan’s deputy foreign minister, said as he briefed reporters in Astana on Tuesday (31 October) and answered many questions about the ongoing Syria talks, North Korea and eastern Ukraine.

  • Professor: Central Asia becomes more and more a common market

     Video 24-10-2017

    Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger, Director of the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), King’s College London, says that the old quarrels between Central Asian states, and especially between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are disappearing. This in his words leaves room to cooperation, the entire region becoming a very important factor vis- à -vis China, Russia and the West.

  • Kazakhstan is getting closer to OECD membership

    Opinion 19-10-2017

    Next week Almaty, the financial hub of Kazakhstan, will welcome political leaders from Central Asia and OECD member states for the OECD Eurasia Week. Kazakhstan hopes that this event will further strengthen the relations between the Eurasian and the OECD countries, writes Timur Suleimenov.

  • Another environmental catastrophe looms in Central Asia

    Opinion 13-10-2017

    During the last UN session, when the media were dominated by headlines about the well-known hotbeds of tension, a strong but little noticed message came from the leader of a Central Asian Republic, writes Adrian Van der Meer.

  • Commission: Kazakhstan proves good relations with both EU and Russia are possible

    News 06-10-2017

    A Commission official said on Wednesday (4 October) that Kazakhstan was “the living proof” for Central Asia and the EU's neighborhood that it should be possible for those countries to have good relations both with Brussels and Moscow.

  • Kazakh strategist: The Eurasian union is only about economic relations

    Interview 18-09-2017

    Kazakhstan sees the Eurasian Economic Union purely as a means to develop economic relations, while it strives for much deeper integration with its Central Asian neighbours, based on the model of the European Union, Sanat Kushkumbayev told EURACTIV.com in an exclusive interview.

  • EXPO 2017 Astana will give birth to three big projects

    Special Report |  Video 12-09-2017

    EXPO 2017 ended on 10 September, having gathered the participation of 115 countries and 22 international organisations, providing a unique platform for a debate on best technologies for the future of energy. Roman Vassilenko, Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, tells EURACTIV about his country’s plan to build on the success of the exhibition.

  • Water resources management: West Africa and Central Asia

    News 08-09-2017

    A panel discussion at the Bled Strategic Forum highlighted the experience of West Africa in the common management of the water resources over a large area and progress in improving cooperation in an even larger Central Asia.