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Med & South 25-01-2013

Euroscepticism: More than a British phenomenon

With Prime Minister David Cameron having vowed to hold a referendum on UK membership of the EU, Britain's penchant for EU bashing is well publicised. But there are political parties in other member states which are far from in love with the European project, and whose stance against integration has been fanned by the worsening of the economic crisis.

Geopolitics of EU energy supply

As one of the world's largest importers of oil, gas and coal, the EU is a major player on the international energy market - However, it remains a dwarf on the political stage as member states keep the upper hand on foreign policy. With external dependence on imports forecast to grow steadily, the EU has started to integrate energy aspects into relations with third countries. EURACTIV brings an overview of relations with key regions for supply and transit.
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European values and identity

Debates about European identity have intensified in the context of EU enlargement and the Union's Constitutional and Lisbon Treaties. Although the motto "unity in diversity" is generally seen as best describing the aims of the EU, opinions differ widely as to how it should be understood. 
Global Europe 17-11-2005

Turkey-Russia relations

Given their dynamically growing economic co-operation, the leaders of Turkey and Russia are now working for closer political dialogue to match.

The EU-25’s view of Turkey’s membership bid

Turkey's drive to enter the EU as a full member has reached a critical phase: in December, the EU summit will decide on whether to open accession talks with Ankara. The leaders of the 25 member states would need to reach a unanimous decision, and the decision in turn would need to be convincing to the member states' citizens. The challenge is huge for all sides concerned.

EU membership perspective for the Balkans [Archived]

The Commission adopted a Communication on the Western Balkans and European Integration on 21 May 2033, proposing pre-accession type relations with the region. A new European Integration Partnership is to be created under this proposal as an instrument for monitoring the progress of the reform process in the Balkans countries.