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  • Poland’s constitutional conundrum…explained

    Justice & Home Affairs 13-06-2016

    Like other European nations, Poland will remain a source of conflicting messages in years to come. But the EU has nothing to worry about – the democratic government in place can be removed in a peaceful manner next time people come to vote, writes Piotr Macej Kaczyński.

  • National parliaments’ 3rd yellow card: A preliminary assessment

    Social Europe & Jobs 12-05-2016

    On 10 May, national parliaments, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, managed to trigger a “yellow card” that forces the European Commission to reconsider its proposal to revise the Posted Workers Directive. Valentin Kreilinger answers eight questions on proposal, procedure and precedents.

  • Now is not the time to kiss the biofuels goodbye

    Agrifood 09-05-2016

    The European Commission's proposal to scrap the mandate for the use of biofuels and, in effect, to ‘kiss biofuels goodbye,’ is a catastrophic policy based largely on arguments that have no solid foundation, writes Dick Roche.

  • The Polish opportunity

    Global Europe 13-04-2016

    Instead of trying to teach Poland lessons on democracy, the EU should instead recognise the country’s economic strength, and its courage to oppose Russia’s aggression, writes Roger Hodgkiss.

  • Enhanced cooperation needed between Visegrad Group & Western Balkans


    The refugee crisis and the fight against terrorism have made the EU and Western Balkans realise first-hand how interdependent we have become. Now is the time for enhanced engagement with the Western Balkans write Ditmir Bushati  and Lubomír Zaorálek.

  • Will Prague be rewarded for its new attitude to China?

    Global Europe 29-03-2016

    The Czech Republic is no longer criticising China on human rights or over the status of Tibet, and it is expected to reap economic benefits over the current visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, write Václav Kopecký and Alice Rezková.

  • Commission should invoke Article 7 when media freedom is trampled

    Digital 24-03-2016

    It is time for the European Commission to make sure that the EU lives up to its Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Treaty on European Union (TEU), write Professor Jackie Harrison and Dr Stef Pukallus.

  • Hungary, Poland and illiberal democracy

    Global Europe 22-03-2016

    The EU’s problem is that others are following the illiberal regimes of Hungary and in Poland, and it is possible that among them be Germany, writes George Friedman.

  • Open Letter on visas for Romanian nationals entering Canada

    Justice & Home Affairs 18-03-2016

    Romanian MEP Sorin Moisă (PSD) has sent an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, over visa requirement for Romanians and Bulgarians. An EU regulation from 2013 requires that third countries treat EU members without discrimination in visa matters.

  • EU solves one problem and creates another

    Euro & Finance 23-02-2016

    The deal that was necessary to keep the United Kingdom in the EU has also opened the door for other members to use referendums — or more likely, the threat of referendums — as a negotiating tactic, writes Stratfor, the global intelligence company.

  • Clockwork Orange in Polish


    Some 22 million Europeans watched the debate on 19 January, when Polish Premier Beata Szyd?o defended her government against EU allegations of breaching the rule of law.

  • Poland’s Law and Justice party is losing its lustre


    While the recently-elected right wing Law and Justice Party [PiS] is taking advantage of its parliamentary majority to undermine Poland’s constitutional order and increase control over public media, it will fade into insignificance even faster than its predecessors, writes Andrzej Ancygier.