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  • Press freedom in Bulgaria under attack ahead of EU Presidency

    News | Freedom of thought 13-12-2017

    Bulgarian opposition parties exposed on Tuesday (12 December) what they see as an attempt to silence and close down media considered unfriendly to the government of Boyko Borissov. Bulgaria will take over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU from 1 January.

  • MEPs overwhelmingly ratify EU-Kazakhstan landmark partnership agreement

    News 12-12-2017

    MEPs approved a landmark partnership deal with Kazakhstan on Tuesday (12 December), the EU's first Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (EPCA) with a Central Asian country.

  • New Polish government has old make-up

    News 12-12-2017

    Polish President Andrzej Duda yesterday (December 11) swore in the new government of Mateusz Morawiecki. The composition of the new cabinet differs from Beata Szydło's only in the point, that the former prime minister switched seats with her deputy, remaining without a concrete portfolio. EURACTIV Poland reports.

  • Romania to hold first ‘democratic convention’ on future EU

    News | Future EU 11-12-2017

    Romania could become the first country to organise a debate in the spirit of the EU-wide ‘democratic conventions’ proposed by the French President Emmanuel Macron in his Sorbonne speech, according to statements by a Romanian Minister.

  • Romanians stage fresh anti-corruption protests

    News | Elections 11-12-2017

    More than 10,000 people on Sunday (10 December) braved biting cold to stage protests across Romania to denounce the left-wing government for backtracking on efforts to fight corruption.

  • Polish president Duda: Enough with dependency

    News 11-12-2017

    Polish President Andrzej Duda inaugurated on Tuesday (December 5) the centenary of independence before the National Assembly. In his address, he appealed for  the rejection of "false shame infused with us for years on our national history and identity.” EURACTIV Poland reports.