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  • Umicore chief: Recycling comes at a cost

    Special Report | Batteries 12-10-2011

    In September 2011, Belgium’s first battery recycling plant opened in Hoboken. The €25 million battery recycling and development centre can recover nearly all the elements used in electric and hybrid cars, but so far only two car companies have signed deals with it. Despite the EU batteries directive, recycling lithium is an expensive process and for the moment, the Hoboken plant is operating beneath its capacity.

  • MEP: Waste management culture ‘lacking in Slovenia’

    Climate change 03-06-2008

    Eastern European countries are still grappling with the legacy of communist-era waste collection and treatment systems, according to Mojca Dr?ar Murko, a Slovenian MEP who says consumer education is now key. She spoke to EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview ahead of the Commission's annual Green Week event.

  • ‘The new paradigm in terms of renewables in cities is waste’

    Sustainable Development 11-07-2007

    London Vice-Mayor Nicky Gavron plans to spearhead decentralised generation in the UK's capital so that every household can eventually produce its own energy and cut CO2 emissions. New fines for polluting trucks and coaches are also planned for next year, she told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • ‘Harmonisation needed’ in e-waste Directive (WEEE)

    Climate change 14-06-2007

    The EU's WEEE Directive to collect and recycle electronic waste has created a heavy administrative burden for companies that is exacerbated by the multitude of national systems, says Kirstie McIntyre from HP.

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