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  • Green Jobs – Safe Jobs?

    Promoted content | Social Europe & Jobs 09-05-2014

    The Commission wants Europe to become a ‘recycling society’ by 2020, a society that aims, in other words, to avoid waste or to use it as a resource. This ‘circular economy’ would create huge opportunities in terms of jobs and the environment but also raises important questions about the waste management and recycling practices affecting these jobs.

  • Towards a Resource Efficient Europe – EPR for packaging waste

    Special Report | Promoted content | Energy & Environment 25-03-2014

    The European Commission is reviewing European Waste legislation in line with the EU Resource Efficiency objectives. This review includes a revision of the waste management targets and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as one key policy tool to achieve existing and higher recycling and recovery targets for packaging waste.

  • Extended Producer Responsibility: how does EPR contribute towards a resource-efficiency Europe?

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 05-12-2013

    According to the EU Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, each year in the EU we throw away 2.7 billion tonnes of waste.
    Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) was introduced in the 2008 Waste Review as a means to support the design and production of goods, efficiently using resources during their entire life-cycle. However, EPR is not consistently applied throughout Member States.

  • Achieving Environmental and Sustainability goals – Does recycling improve air quality?

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 24-06-2013

    Sustainable development depends on real commitments and actions, by real people in the real world – statement from 2002 Johannesburg Earth Summit Declaration. Several voluntary commitments where mentioned at Rio +20 as good practice of industry moving towards improved sustainability. VinylPlus was one of these initiatives. VinylPlus is also referenced in the Green Paper on Plastic Waste published by European Commission on the 7th of March 2013.



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