Circular economy Archives

  • Member states give themselves more time to cut emissions

    News | Climate change 21-12-2017

    Member states struck a deal with Parliament on cutting emissions by 30% by 2030 from transport, buildings, waste and agriculture sector - but set themselves a later baseline to start counting emissions.

  • Plastics: The invisible oil spill

    Opinion 19-12-2017

    Plastic is everywhere, polluting our waters, choking marine wildlife, and even in our food and water. It is a problem of global proportions but an ambitious EU Plastics Strategy can create vital momentum, writes Pierre-Yves Cousteau.

  • EU legislators strike early morning deal on waste

    News 18-12-2017

    After almost 18 hours of negotiations, the European Council and Parliament reached a provisional agreement on a proposed package of waste legislation in the early hours of Monday (18 December).

  • Chinese waste ban ‘wake-up call’ for European recycling

    News 18-12-2017

    The EU has a trash problem. It used to ship 60% of plastics and 13% of paper collected for recycling to China, but Beijing has decided to curb its appetite for foreign waste. 

  • Europe must look beyond the Circular Economy Package

    Opinion 14-12-2017

    The EU’s Circular Economy Package is delivering some important progress on supporting business resource efficiency. But the circular economy will need to remain top of the agenda for many years to come if the EU is to see a step change in resource productivity, argues Nick Molho.

  • Chinese ban on plastic waste imports could see UK pollution rise

    News 14-12-2017

    A ban on imports of millions of tonnes of plastic waste by the Chinese government from January could see an end to collection of some plastic in the UK and increase the risk of environmental pollution, according to key figures in the industry. EURACTIV's partner The Guardian reports.