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  • UN Environment chief: We shouldn’t wait for the oceans to turn into a plastic swamp

    Interview | Energy & Environment 12-12-2017

    At the latest United Nations environment summit, pollution topped the agenda. The man leading the UN’s quest to clean up the planet hopes this meeting will act as the wake-up call countries need and that the fight will include the world of business.

  • Europe’s love of roses sends ripples through Kenyan lake

    News | Africa 04-12-2017

    Kenya is one of the biggest exporters of cut flowers in the world but the booming industry has created a raft of environmental problems. Local producers are now coming up with new ideas to cut pollution while keeping their business profitable.

  • Greenland gets EU’s support for Inuit seal products

    Special Report | News 01-12-2017

    Seal hunting has been associated with images of animal cruelty, Brigitte Bardot hugging a seal pup, and environmental groups asking for it to be banned, which the EU eventually did. The outcome has been disastrous for indigenous people, who traditionally live off the sea,  but Greenland is now fighting to turn things around.

  • Upgrade the plastic, don’t ban or tax it

    Opinion 01-12-2017

    A tax or ban on plastics won't solve pollution problems, but it would deprive the world od a cheap and valuable material. The solution is to make it biodegradable and recyclable, writes Michael Stephen.

  • Wasted opportunity: EU stalemate on food waste reduction

    News 23-11-2017

    Food waste reduction targets are causing a stalemate in discussions on the circular economy: member states keep rejecting the parliament ambition to halve wasteful practices by 2030.

  • Microplastics, macro problems

    Opinion 21-11-2017

    Tackling the visible impact of plastic pollution is one thing. But if we’re serious about finding a long-term solution, revealing the invisible impact is imperative, writes the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jocelyn Blériot, calling for a ban on oxo-degradable plastics that are still widely used in carrier bags.