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  • Upgrade the plastic, don’t ban or tax it

    Opinion 01-12-2017

    A tax or ban on plastics won't solve pollution problems, but it would deprive the world od a cheap and valuable material. The solution is to make it biodegradable and recyclable, writes Michael Stephen.

  • Wasted opportunity: EU stalemate on food waste reduction

    News 23-11-2017

    Food waste reduction targets are causing a stalemate in discussions on the circular economy: member states keep rejecting the parliament ambition to halve wasteful practices by 2030.

  • Microplastics, macro problems

    Opinion 21-11-2017

    Tackling the visible impact of plastic pollution is one thing. But if we’re serious about finding a long-term solution, revealing the invisible impact is imperative, writes the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jocelyn Blériot, calling for a ban on oxo-degradable plastics that are still widely used in carrier bags.

  • Lithuania plans to burn more waste – but does it have enough?

    News 08-11-2017

    Lithuania plans to build more waste incineration plants, which the government says could lead to reducing energy bills – but politicians and NGOs worry that it would jeopardise recycling targets as not enough waste is being produced.

  • Putting words into action: Join forces to drive circular economy

    Opinion 08-11-2017

    Is the European Commission doing enough on the circular economy? Björn-Erik Lönn and Sören Enholm explain that buyers play an important role in creating it, so we have to make sure consumers and purchasers are empowered to make sustainable choices.

  • China is no longer the EU’s plastic dumping ground: What’s next?

    Opinion 02-11-2017

    What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? With EU production of plastic waste showing no sign of slowing down and China – the world’s biggest importer of plastic waste – set to ban imports, we’re about to find out, argues Meadhbh Bolger.



  • Circular economy success needs more than ambitious policies

    Opinion 25-10-2017

    Voluntary agreements are hardly a new concept but industry action on this front can drive real progress, particularly when it comes to the circular economy, writes MEP Martina Dlabajová.

  • Recyclers claim EU carbon quotas from saved energy, CO2 emissions

    News 25-10-2017

    French recyclers were in Brussels last week with a big ask – EU regulators must reward the whole recycling value chain for preventing emissions of global warming gases, they claimed, a message received with caution by the European Commission, which points to a lack of data.

  • Recycling industry and circular economy – Up to the challenge

     Video 23-10-2017

    In December 2015, the European Commission presented a new Circular Economy Package that will impact a wide range of sectors, especially the recycling sector. This package has set various targets in terms of recycling but also has introduced life cycle thinking and measurement tools such as PEF (currently in its pilot phase).

  • Pollution racks up 9 million deaths a year worldwide

    News | Air Quality 20-10-2017

    Pollution causes 9 million deaths around the world every year, according to a landmark new study which found that one in six of all deaths are linked to polluted air, water and soil.

  • Packagers warn against EU waste policies eroding single market

    News 19-10-2017

    Ahead of negotiations to finalise the revision of EU packaging waste legislation, the European packaging industry is calling for the free movement of packaged goods to be safeguarded. EURACTIV's media partner reports.

  • Waste: Subsidies make it cheaper to burn than recycle

    News 16-10-2017

    The growing trend of burning waste for energy undermines Europe’s recycling efforts by diverting waste to incinerators instead of having it reused or recycled, thereby defeating the purpose of the Commission's well-meant directive on minimising waste.