Climate change Archives

  • Socially just energy transition for coal workers no pie in the sky, study finds

    News 05-09-2018

    As the UN's climate chief called for more "urgency" from negotiators at the ongoing Bangkok climate talks, a new international report found that a socially just transition is already feasible for coal workers and communities, while a global decline in coal production is expected.

  • UK, EU urged to continue energy and climate cooperation after Brexit

    News 04-09-2018

    A top-level business alliance has called on UK and EU leaders to ensure Brexit includes a comprehensive Climate and Energy Chapter, amid worries about the UK's commitment to international climate policies after the country leaves the European Union.

  • Governments ‘not ready’ for Katowice COP24

    News 04-09-2018

    Governments are unprepared for a crucial climate change meeting in Poland later this year aimed at ensuring the full implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement, Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said on Tuesday (4 September) at the opening of climate talks in Bangkok.

  • How Europe’s cities prepare for heat waves

    Opinion 03-09-2018

    The number of cities exposed to extreme temperatures is expected to nearly triple over the next few decades. One solution is to radically change the way we use cars in cities by replacing parking space with "parklets", writes Ross Douglas.

  • Commission scraps tariffs on Chinese solar panels

    News | Economy & Jobs 31-08-2018

    The European Commission decided on Friday (31 August) to eliminate anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar panels, saying the decision will help the EU achieve its renewable energy goals.

  • Australia’s new PM risks climate trade-off with EU

    News 30-08-2018

    Australia’s new prime minister will not walk away from the Paris climate agreement, although his new policies now make it unlikely the country will meet its emissions reduction goal. Ongoing trade talks with the EU could also hinge on how climate policy continues to develop.

  • Danish MEP: ‘Fight continues’ for renewable energy in Europe

    Interview | Energy 30-08-2018

    The 32% renewable energy objective for 2030 agreed at the EU level in June was a good result, says Jeppe Kofod, but it’s still insufficient to live up to the Paris accord, he told EURACTIV in an interview, setting out the agenda for clean energy battles in the years ahead.

  • Monsieur le President, it’s time to step up on climate change

    Opinion 30-08-2018

    Up to now, French President Emmanuel Macron has been trying hard to claim the mantle of ‘climate leadership’. Now his environment minister has resigned, he has to put words into action, writes Jennifer Morgan.

  • Stakeholders’ climate action key to meeting Paris Agreement goals, new report finds

    News 29-08-2018

    By 2030, global greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by up to an additional 2.2 Gigatonne CO2 a year compared to what would be achieved through current national policies if individual commitments from nearly 8,000 non-state actors are fully implemented, a new report published today (30 August) shows.

  • Truck makers push back against EU’s first ever CO2 limits

    News | Transport 27-08-2018

    The European Commission’s proposal to mandate a 15% cut in CO2 emission from trucks by 2025 is overly ambitious, according to industry association ACEA, which said a 7% objective would be more “realistic” given the technologies currently available.

  • Merkel speaks out against more ambitious EU climate targets

    News 27-08-2018

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke against setting more ambitious EU climate targets on Sunday (26 August) but supported the idea of a transition towards a decarbonised transport sector. 

  • Coal commission keeps out of lignite mine expansion dispute

    News 24-08-2018

    Germany’s coal commission will not give any recommendation regarding mining-owner RWE’s plans to continue clearing forest for the planned extension of the Hambach lignite mine in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In its third meeting, the commission heard experts’ views on the implications of the country’s climate goals for the coal sector. EURACTIV's media partner Clean Energy Wire reports.