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  • Young entrepreneurs & technology solutions for climate change

    Promoted content 10-12-2015

    Climate change is one of the defining challenges of the twenty-first century. Amongst young people, those pursuing an entrepreneurial career are naturally inclined to seek solutions in order to defy challenges.

  • Timmermans: EURACTIV’s been very active!


    European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans today launched the new Circular Economy package of waste and recycling laws – and also revealed himself to be a keen reader of EURACTIV.

  • Climate talks should fight global warming and boost growth with incentives

    Promoted content 02-12-2015

    Ahead of the climate summit in Paris, EPP Group MEPs Krisjanis Karins of the Industry Committee and Peter Liese of the Environment Committee say it is possible to reach an effective agreement to stop global warming by using incentives to encourage citizens and businesses to become more energy-efficient.

  • Innovation at the heart of the energy debate

    Promoted content | Sustainable Development 16-11-2015

    The European Union represents 28 countries and more than 500 million energy consumers. Within the EU, energy demand is growing by 1-2% per year. In ten years, we could be using 10% more energy, and in a generation we may have to import almost all of the oil and 80% of the gas we use, according to Eurobarometer.

  • A global climate deal is possible

    Promoted content 16-11-2015

    OK, so we're dreaming. But is it so hard to believe that world leaders would put aside short-term interests and differences were set aside for the sake of future generations?

  • The Use of Lead in Ammunition

    Promoted content | Health 04-11-2015

    110 delegates, including journalists, politicians, scientists, members of environmental institutions, hunting and sport shooting organizations and food agencies met at the Symposium “The Sustainable Use of Lead Ammunition in Hunting and Sports Shooting: Facts and Emotions” held on 20 October 2015 in Brussels.

  • The EU circular economy: why metals matter

    Promoted content 02-11-2015

    The EU Circular Economy needs metals, and metals need the EU Circular Economy. Why? Check out our 2 minute animation to find out.

  • What Next for Europe in Driving Green Growth?

    Promoted content 02-11-2015

    In the past several years, Green Growth has become a strategic response to climate change and increasing populations, demanding inclusion, while using more and more basic resources.

  • Nicolas Hulot: ‘We are committing mass suicide’

    Energy & Environment 21-05-2015

    Nicolas Hulot, François Hollande's special envoy for the protection of the planet, came to Brussels on 13 May to report on the progress of the negotiations underway ahead of the Paris Climate Conference in December.

  • Katainen: No efficiency ring-fence in Juncker investment plan

    Promoted content 10-03-2015

    EU Commissioner responsible for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness Jyrki Katainen said on Tuesday that the EU will not allocate specific funds from the Juncker plan to pay for renovation projects to boost the energy efficiency of buildings. Katainen added that it was up to the private sector to choose which projects get the cash.

  • MEPs approve 2018 carbon market reform, despite NGOs concerns

    Promoted content 24-02-2015

    MEPs voted on Tuesday to start implementing reforms to the EU's Emissions Trading System by the end of 2018, three years earlier than the Commission's proposal.

  • Hedegaard: World should stay below 2 degrees global temperature increase

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 03-02-2015

    Speaking to EURACTIV in its #Media4EU event, former Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said that she hopes 'there will be enough political will” to reach a global agreement on a “below 2 degrees average temperature increase” in the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year

  • Council position on biofuels not ambitious enough, says EEB

    Promoted content | Energy 15-12-2014

    EU energy ministers have agreed their position on the draft directive on indirect land-use change (ILUC), which caps the amount of biofuels that can count towards renewable energy targets.

  • EUROBAT: Batteries and their contribution to a sustainable society

    Promoted content | Energy 12-11-2014

    EUROBAT, the European Association for Automotive and Industrial Batteries, announced the results of studies on trends in automotive batteries. These underline the particular need for the long term co-existence between all battery technologies for meeting future mobility demands. A new report also revealed that closed loop collection and recycling for automotive lead-based batteries is a reality. Batteries for energy storage applications are also readily available and facilitating the integration of renewable energy in the electricity grid.

  • EU leaders set climate, energy targets

    Promoted content | Energy 24-10-2014

    EU leaders agreed on Thursday to reduce greenhouse emissions by 40% by 2030. They also agreed to increase renewables and energy efficiency by at least 27%.

  • Van Rompuy at last EU Summit: History will be the judge

    Promoted content 23-10-2014

    Speaking at his last EU Summit, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said that “together, with all the leaders, we assume collectively our responsibility.”

  • Kenny: “Unreachable targets can’t be set”

    Promoted content 23-10-2014

    On his arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit, Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny said that Ireland will be “ambitious about climate targets, but we don't want to be in a position where completely unreachable targets are set for us.”

  • Hollande on budget: “France will respect the rules but with maximum flexibility”

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 23-10-2014

    On his arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit, French President Francois Hollande said that France's priority is “growth.”

  • Merkel: I support Juncker’s investment programme

    Promoted content 23-10-2014

    On her arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit,German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Europe “must combine both, budgetary consolidation and growth. Deficits don't necessarily lead to growth, we are hoping for common solutions.”

  • Cameron ‘worried’ about state of European economies

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 23-10-2014

    On his arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit, British Prime Minister David Cameron said thathe has “worries about the state of other European economies.”

  • Stubb: We will get 40% emissions reduction

    Promoted content | Energy 23-10-2014

    On his arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said that he is 'optimistic' a deal on climate and energy targets will be agreed on Thursday. “We will get 40% emissions reduction and we are looking at 27% in both renewables and energy efficiency,” Stubb said.

  • Vella: Environment, maritime affairs and fisheries a “natural fit”

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 30-09-2014

    Karmenu Vella, the Maltese Commissioner-designate for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, failed to impress MEPs during a European Parliament confirmation hearing on Monday.

  • Commission earmarks €2 billion for clean energy projects

    Promoted content 08-07-2014

    The European Commission announced on Tuesday a €2 billion boost for low-carbon energy projects in Europe. The Commission is awarding a total of 1 billion EUR to 19 innovative low-carbon energy projects selected under the second call of the NER300 funding programme.

  • Commission announces phase out of renewable energy subsidies

    Promoted content | Energy 10-04-2014

    The European Commission announced on Wednesday that renewable energy subsidies that helped spur Europe’s €48-billion-a-year clean energy industry are to be phased out across the continent, under new market-friendly state aid rules