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  • Dutch call for ‘high’ emissions standards on trucks, cars

    News | Transport 17-05-2018

    The Netherlands have called on Europe to aim high on emissions standards for trucks and cars, ahead of a much-anticipated proposal from the European Commission today (17 May), which will impose CO2 targets on trucks for the first time.

  • From COP to COP into climate collapse

    News 16-05-2018

    Climate conferences see a lot of talk, some agreements are reached but little is implemented. Seemingly, the world slides from conference to conference directly into climate collapse. However, with COP24, changes are to come. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • EU, Cuba build ties in face of US pressure

    News | Global Europe 16-05-2018

    The EU and Cuba signed a renewable energy deal on Tuesday (15 May), a step towards normalising relations in defiance of Washington's continuing hardline stance on Havana.

  • Ambitious CO2 standards for trucks are good for businesses, and the climate

    Opinion | Transport 16-05-2018

    The starting point for truck emission rules must be cost-effectiveness, writes James Nix. But it will take tough standards to ensure R&D is deployed at scale on most vehicles, he argues.

  • Truck industry braces for their first CO2 limits in Europe

    News | Transport 15-05-2018

    The automotive industry is warning that an EU proposal set to be adopted on Wednesday (16 May) does not give enough lead time before limits will be required. But the US and China have had limits in place for several years.

  • Bonn negotiations stall on climate finance

    News 14-05-2018

    The Bonn Climate Conference (30 April-10 May) has made little progress on negotiations, particularly on the subject of financing. As a result, a supplementary preparatory meeting for the COP24 will be held in Bangkok in September. reports.

  • Tourism’s growing contribution to GHG emissions

    News 11-05-2018

    According to an international study, the tourism sector accounts for 8% of all anthropogenic emissions of CO2, and its carbon footprint could increase significantly due to a lack of regulations. EURACTIV’s partner le Journal de l’environnement reports.

  • The Brief: What the eck is Talanoa all about?

    News 09-05-2018

    Climate negotiators gathered in Bonn, Germany, to negotiate the rules that will govern the Paris Agreement will go back home on Thursday with little to show after almost two weeks of negotiation. The final seal on the rules should be put …

  • New round of climate negotiations in Bonn

    News 02-05-2018

    The Bonn Climate Change Conference is meeting from 30 April to 10 May in preparation for COP24 in Katowice (Poland). During the Bonn Conference, the two key subjects will be: increasing countries’ climate ambitions and actions and drafting the operating manual for the Paris Agreement. EURACTIV's partner le Journal de l'Environnement reports.

  • EU proposes 25% ‘climate quota’ in new long-term budget

    News 02-05-2018

    The clean energy transition and other initiatives to decarbonise Europe’s economy will represent 25% of EU spending under a seven-year EU budget plan put forward by the European Commission on Wednesday (2 May).

  • Five steps for a climate-friendly EU Budget

    Opinion 02-05-2018

    The EU’s next Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) must reflect the commitment the EU has made to decarbonise its economy, in line with the aims of the Paris Agreement. Strong overall coherence to ensure that funds are spent in targeted and intelligent ways is the key to its success, writes Jonathan Gaventa.

  • Strong climate action will help combat Europe’s urban air crisis

    Opinion | Air Quality 02-05-2018

    New research published this week in “The Lancet Planetary Health” reveals a promising path towards clean, healthy air: strong climate change policy, writes Dr. Melissa C. Lott.